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Name: Sense
Class: Shinigami
Health: 25
Mana: 50
Force: 100
Soul: Yes
Attack soul: No
Starting weapon: Katana (name is Tengeki Iashi)
Starting skill:
Appear, Tengeki Iashi
costs nothing
Release your sword. Now, it looks life a long tail with many ends. Increases a little the damage, but useless in rest. Empowers other skills.

Name: BURN
Class: Reaper
HP: 75
Force: 50
Soul: No
Attack Soul: Yes
Starting weapon: Scythe
Starting skill: Final Slash (costs 15 HP)

PATH - you choose from a number of alternatives
FREESTYLE - you can create the story to a point
REDUCED FREESTYLE - you can create the story, but you can just move yourself, you cannot say what other characters say or kill them
INN-BATTLE - you can create the story only until the battle is over, saying only what skills you use
GAMBLE - toss a coin or dice
PATH FREESTYLE - the simplest of all, you can choose from a number of alternatives OR create a story

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