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NOTE: If you're going to friend me, post on my profile.

NOTE: I often drop off the face of the interweb for reasons unknown. I may be in the middle of a conversation when I disappear, so if I don't answer you for a while, I'm probably not ignoring you.

NOTE: If I ever say something that sounds offense/mean to anyone, I'm most likely being sarcastic.

Some good quotes:
"Death. The eternal blink. The capricious dance of Now Ya Stop Movin' Forever. Well contrary to popular belief, death isn't just for dead people. It can happen to anyone. I know, it's news to me too. And it's not just people either, it's all kinds of stuff. Horses, fiddler crabs. Did you know that even a potato... can die?"
"I'm filming a man eating a hamburger. It's... transcendent."

"Many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese-- toasted, mostly."

"...two nations, which shall remain nameless, but I can tell you that they speak German and French..."

"When the Alpacalypse comes, my Llamarmy shall be ready."

"So this is how Liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

"I'm so 'hip' I can't see over my pelvis.

"Nice to know. If I ever need an ego, I'll call you."

Life mottos:
"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad."

"Good for you; I don't care."

"When life drops a burning bag of poo on your porch, don't get mad and step on it; instead, put it out by peeing on it. 'Touche,' Life will say, 'Touche.'
"Sometimes, acting a little insane is the only way to stay sane."

Status report:

{7/18/13} My internet is slow and my ramen is cold.
Painful dentist experience.


I am currently on hiatus. Please leave a message at the beep.

I am back with a vengeance AND a beard.

There goes the beard...

On hiatus... again. May not be back or respond to messages for a while. (like till summer).

Hoping to come back to Armor Games. Expect the unexpected.

wowzers been a while. I might be here, or might not.

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