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I live in Texas, hence TexanProvo. I am a bit of a writer and always trying to get something published but so far no luck, but there's still time. My interests are basically history, aviation (I need to find the time and money for a pilot's license) and firearms. I own several firearms and intend to get more, especially either a Steyr AUG clone or an FS2000 and a working matchlock musket (history buff). I also have a minor interest in boats, but living in West Texas makes that a bit difficult.

I'm currently working on a Bachelor's degree in History with a most likely minor in Criminal Justice and maybe sociology. I do have a little bit of an astronomy/astrophysics background and would like to see our space program get more of the money it so desperatly needs to get something done. Politically I try not to align myself with either liberals or conservatives though I do have a slight lean to the right on some issues.

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