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Hi. I'm valkyrie's alt.

I'm also his storage place.

My old location:

A derelict wasteland, the summit where decay and dissolution collide to form the apeotheosis of all hells. But when I escape, I shall once more be hunted like an animal, an outcast, the last good in a dyeing and desolate world

A valley of unrestlesness. And deep within the valley lies a pit, and at the bottom, a cess pool where dissolution reigns dominant. Flung into this pit, I am forced to survive against insurmountable factors, never to escape...

I'm not going to be on much anymore. I might visit every once in a while, but for the most part I'm gone.

I created the Internet, 'nuff said.

If you are an ignorant fail, expect to hear this quote that I made: "Your ignorance spreads faster than a forest fire on steroids."

Valkyrie's Theory:
The question of "why?" is a parasitic term that requires a host that explains its use. Without a host, the question "why?" is a doomed query that cannot be answered or explained.
Further supporting my evidence suggesting that the question why is a parasite is that without a standalone context (a host) it is, like I said, "a doomed query that cannot be answered or explained" without specification presented by the sentence or the situation.
The host does not always help why parasites to survive but can also strengthen them. They are doomed to being misunderstood without proper specification. Why parasites are to general to survive properly on their own, thus needing a standalone context as a host.

Ever opened two tabs on YouTube and tried playing two different songs at once? It's a mess.

Christmas draws near, the votes are clear, and I guess I am still going to be an AG'er :P

I pledge allegiance to all chaos
Of a country divided by war
And to the Arrows of Chaos, for which they stand
One nation, under anarchy
with disarray and injustice for all.

The Rhythm of War

A cloud of flame was painted against a lusterless sky above the tree tops. For a moment, the sounds of war were permeated by new deaths, as a ringing noise meant the slow death of ear cells.

But chaos never dies, it only changes. Chaos went from a huge explosion to several small scale firefights below the fiery angel of death. The rhythmic staccato of full auto fire had once again become the symphony of war.

A stabbed back, a bloody knife, close quarters combat is the most intense fight in any war. In close quarters, a man's fighting skills are defined in his last seconds. Will he take the life or will his own be taken? Firsthand experience yields the best answers.

Sniper fire keeps the beat. Scopes trained on heads, the shots and a shower of blood. Your pulse spikes in rhythm with each shot; a miss is like skipping a beat.

But no matter the weapons, war is a never changing conflict. The goal is bloodshed, and it's met no matter whose blood it is. It's a song played by broken instruments, some cringe when they hear it, others just grimace as memories burst through the floodgates and re-open mental wounds.

War and Chaos, they shook hands, and formed a binding contract that will never be broken. Only strengthened...

-by Valkyrie

Why Trolls Are Trolls, my study on the psychosis that causes trollish behavior here on AG.

Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both willing, and able?
then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him god?

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