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in real life my name is Andrew and I have an Xbox360 if you want to add me as a friend just tell me if you have mic and what county you live in and ill add you. By the way I have a Gold Membership so i can go on everything My name on Xbox Live is H3r0 TaBz I was going to make it ]-[3r0 TaBz but you can't put symbols on it. I also play a game on Computer its called CrossFire Its a FPS online game somewhat like MW2 but not as good graphics and not as many guns when you download it you might want to get a thing call Game Booster it lowers your ping which is the green or yellow bar on Xbox if you have under 100 ping than your computer sould run faster if you have over 200 ping your computer sould run slow my main Account on it is Mundor5 and my other is The]-[3r0 make sure you type in The. So see you
Games Ive beated : Alexander(2 x)
Robot Dinosaur That Shoot Beams When they ROAR (3x or 4x)
Frontier (4x or 5x)
Age Of War 2 (4x or 5x)

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