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I am great at at Basketball. I also play football and am all-around at other sports.
Favorite foods:
I Love pizza(who does'nt) and hamburgers. My favorite chips are 
doritos Nacho which is very, very, Macho. My favorite dessurt is probaly coffe cake i love it.
My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper then  maybe rootbeer then coke.
-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††------In JESUS!

♫Put This
--------------------------------------------------------Wehave created a Baketball fantics clan and if you join we will add you as a friend as well as a member. This clan was created for fun on Febuary 15 2012

Head Coach TheFlash6
Assiatant Coach: Unknown
Assistant Coach: Unknown
Point Guard: TheFlash6
Shooting guard: soccerdude2
Small Forward: Unkown
Power Foward: Unknown
Center: Unknown

You can state what position you want to play in Comments its fine if two people want to play the same position I'll put you both in the position.

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