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Hey I'm just a guy (TheGuy) thats plays games in my free time.  My all-time favorite game is Free Rider 2. 

My Top Two Free Rider 2 tracks:

-18 1i 18 1i,-1i -1m0 s2 -1m0,-1i -1lv -12h -1mt,-12j -1mu -13a -1mu -141 -1mp -14m -1m9 -156 -1lm -15h -1ks -15n -1jt -15s -1ip -15n -1hk -153 -1gl -144 -1fs -12r -1f5 -11i -1el -104 -1e7 -uk -1do -t1 -1d9 -rd -1d2 -pn -1d2 -nv -1d5 -m7 -1d8 -kk -1db -ja -1dc -i4 -1db -h9 -1da -gf -1d6,-gg -1d8 -3s -1db,30 -18q t5 -17n ts -17l un -17n vj -17v 10d -18b 113 -18q 11o -19e 12c -1a3 12v -1ap,12v -1ar 13d -1bh 13p -1ce 143 -1db 14b -1ee 14g -1fm 14k -1gp 14o -1ht 14q -1j2 14q -1k6 14m -1lh 14e -1mt 144 -1og 13p -1pr 136 -1r9 12g -1so 11n -1u9 10n -1vq vi -21b u9 -22r ss -24b rc -25p pp -277,-13s -1mv -14k -1mu -15e -1mo -169 -1mc -172 -1ls -17t -1l7 -18m -1kj -19h -1jv -1ad -1jb -1bb -1im -1cc -1hr -1dm -1gv -1eu -1g9 -1g9 -1fi -1hn -1es -1j8 -1e7 -1kp -1dg -1mb -1cp -1ns -1c1 -1pf -1b7 -1r1 -1ad -1sj -19j -1u6 -18o -1vp -17s -21c -170,-2qj -1d8 -2qd -1ce -2q3 -1bd -2pc -1a6 -2og -191 -2nf -17o -2mf -16n -2lb -15n -2k5 -14o -2iv -13s -2hn -133 -2gd -12d -2f0 -11q -2di -118 -2bt -10k -2a3 -100 -285 -ve -266 -ur -247 -u8 -229 -tk -20a -su,-20d -ss -bq o,-bt m -bb u -aj 13 -9s 17 -93 1a -8b 1c -7f 1d -6m 1e -5r 1e -51 1e -48 1e -3i 1e -2u 1e -2a 1f -1n 1f -17 1f,u9 -17k 4qd -1u2,4nh -1kf 5mh -1k3,5mg -1k4 5n5 -1ju 5nm -1jg 5o7 -1is 5or -1i3 5pk -1h1 5qh -1g0 5rk -1et 5sk -1e0 5to -1d5 5ut -1ce 606 -1br 618 -1bi 62c -1bh 63k -1bq 654 -1ca 66e -1cq,66e -1cp 679 -1ac 67o -1cc,67q -1ch 68d -1ag 694 -1cg 69m -1af 6a8 -1cc 6b1 -1ae,6b3 -1ag 6bs -1cm,6bu -1cm 6bu -1ch,6bt -1cm 6ch -1cf 6d5 -1c7 6e7 -1bq 6ff -1bb 6gr -1av 6ie -1al 6jr -1ae 6lb -1a7 6mt -1a2 6og -19v 6pl -19v 6qk -1a0 6rf -1a1 6s7 -1a1 6sq -19v,6so -19v 6t7 -19o 6tf -198 6ti -18n 6th -187,6tf -186 6tg -116,7a5 -118 7a4 -1a6,6tf -166 6ti -15g 6tp -14q 6u9 -143 6ut -13f 6vh -12t 709 -12e,6tg -115 7a5 -117,708 -12f 70r -127 71g -120 726 -11r 72r -11n 73e -11h 741 -11c 74j -119 754 -117,753 -119 75p -11b 76e -11m 771 -126 77j -12o 784 -13d 78i -142 78u -14o 79c -15j,7a0 -16e 7ag -17o,79b -15j 79l -162 79r -16i 7a0 -173#6up -18o 6un -17j,6ua -18q 6vf -18f,6vk -18i 6vm -17o,6vs -18l 6vr -180,6vl -186 6vr -186,70d -18j 70d -17q,70e -18g 70u -18g,70h -187 70r -182,70d -17p 70u -17q,73m -18t 73n -17u,73m -18u 74h -18s,73o -18j 74g -18b,73g -182 74q -182,759 -186 75f -194,75f -196 764 -181 767 -19g,775 -19b 779 -18c,776 -199 77n -198,77p -198 788 -18v 78b -18k 788 -18g,787 -18g 77r -18b,77p -18b 77e -189#T 6a9 -1dq,T 67f -1dn,T 74s -11l,T 751 -11m,T 4lm -1s3,T 3du -1l6,T 2ao -1es,T 1ng -1aq,T -36 p,T -22k -170,T -ng -1nc,T 145 -1k1,T -6p -1du,T -g0 -1lt,T -2 -5d,G 4r7 -1ua 5k,B 4q -1mq 8d,B d4 -1mh 8e,B 126 -1an 18,G -15j -1jq 5k,G 1 19 b8,S -4 -3,S 1 -4,S 8 -5,S j -4,S n 8,S -g 5

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1j 21 1o 2o 2i 30 3m 2o 4l 22 5b 13 5m 7 5o,8 5m -6k 5m,-6k 5l -7d 5m -87 5v -90 6k -9s 7j -a8 8l -a4 a2 -9l bg -8p ck -7r d9 -6l dl -5d do,-5g do -4v dp -4b du -3o eb -3b eu,-3v e5 -3e e7 -3i en,s7 j0 1cp m4,1co m4 1fs nk 1if nm,1if nk 25v vc,1cm m2 1ef lu,-1a 1j -24 1r -2r 2c -3l 33 -4i 3q -5b 4g -65 51 -71 5h -7p 5t,j4 k1 js kc kn kt lm li mp m4 nv mi p2 mt q2 n6,-60 do -5b e0 -4k ed -3r er -2v f7 -24 fg -14 fu -2 ge 17 gv 2o hg 44 hr 5k i2,25p vc 26j vn 27i 102 28o 10a 2a5 10f 2bf 10i 2cp 10i 2e2 10h 2fb 10e 2gu 105 2ia vr 2jq vf 2lc v1 2n2 uf 2oo ts 2qf t9 2s6 sk 2tu rv 2vn r9 31g qi 339 pr 352 p4 36s od 38l nl 3ah mt 3ce m5 3ee lj 3gf lc 3if ll 3kf mh 3lt nc 3nb oa,3eg lf 3fe la 3gg kr 3hm k4 3iu j9 3k1 ig 3l7 hi 3me gd,3ue ga 3ut h5 3vi i0 40d iq 41g jl 42t kd 446 kt 45k la 472 lk 48g ln,48f li 49m lj 4b4 ll 4ce ll 4dr lj 4fd le 4h9 la 4j5 l4 4l4 kt 4n4 kj 4p4 k7 4r4 jq 4t3 jb 4v3 iq 512 ii 52u j6 54p jm 56l k3 58h kf 5ae kp 5ca l3,4ol kb 4pl kc 4r0 kg 4sf kn 4tm kv 4v0 l6 50h l9 527 l7 540 l4 55r l0 57u l4 59k ld 5bb lm 5d2 m0 5ep m9 5ge mg 5i3 ml 5jo mq 5l7 ne 5mr oj 5oe pq 5q3 r2 5rr s9 5tj tb 5v8 u0 60j u6 623 u1 63f ti 64l su 65k rs 662 ql 663 pa 661 np 65g mb 64f lg 638 kq 61u kd 60h k9 5v6 kd 5ts km 5sm l2 5rb lg 5q2 ls 5ok m6 5na mc 5m0 ma 5kq m8 5jk m2 5i8 ln 5gt lb 5fc l2,5fc l2 5do kp 5c1 kf,59r kl 5ae kl 5b2 kk 5bn kj 5c9 kd,1if nl 1gh ma,13 fu -3e e7,48k lm 47q lo 46o ls 45j m5 44c mi 434 n5 41s nr 40l oj 3vh pa 3ui pv,3n6 oa 3nt op 3of pc 3ou q1 3ph qk 3qc r2 3rb rc 3sc rg 3td r8 3u8 qi,3um pp 3u9 qa 3tu qs,t3 j4 si iq s6 ic,s4 j0 s5 if,1fm ni 1ep nk 1dm np 1ci nt 1b9 o0 19s o1 18a o2 16u o1 15f nv 13v nt 12j nr 119 np vp nn ue nm t9 nl s3 nj r3 nh q4 na p9 n3,5j i3 6d i4 79 i4 85 i3 96 i2 ad i2,11 ft j2 k0#-1l 7 1t a,1b -c 21 c,21 c 1b 15,-17 -p -1q 2 -16 t#G 21 a 5i,G -6j 1s 5k,G -3e -2 5k,G -bs 71 4m,G -ch 8a 4r,G -cd 9c 3b,G -ca ao 23,G -cd c1 2b,G -c0 cm 1d,G -bi ec 10,G -bp dr 19,G -c3 ct 23,G -cr cb 2h,G -d2 bg 2q,G -d2 b3 23,G -d5 a7 3a,G -d5 8v 3l,G -c3 83 2q,G -co 8e 2q,G -cu 9q 12,G -cu as 1i,G -d5 av 1v,G -c0 ci b8,G -ck ct 25,G -df cp 2q,G -d9 c5 1v,G -dq b9 3a,G -d5 a1 4g,G -co 99 2q,G -d2 8k 3l,G -dc 7f 37,G -e0 87 3s,G -eb a4 2n,G 5q7 tv b5,G -9p 8v 2,G -9n 9e 5k,G 61d it 5k,G 5r1 u9 b,G 5sk ut k,G 5ti v7 s,G 5um vh b6,G 5vn vf an,G 622 v4 b8,G 63a v0 b3,G 64d uk ak,G 653 u3 af,G 667 th 96,G 67c sj 96,G 67i ro 99,G 68b r3 9g,G 68e pu 86,G 686 ov 8m,G 683 o2 8b,G 67h me 7m,G 680 n7 7v,G 66v lr 7h,G 668 l8 79,G 65h ki 6q,G 648 k2 6t,G -62 fj s,G -6p f2 1,G -8i e8 n,G -96 dq 1d,G -a0 db 6,G -am ch 1d,G -bd bn 25,G -bb aj 1t,G -b4 9a 28,G -b9 8d 2q,G -av 7c 3h,G -ao 6t 3a,G -av 5p 40,G -a2 51 45,B ms k7 1b,B nf kc k,B nd kj q,B n8 ki p,B n9 kg s,B n8 k9 n,B mv kh n,B mo ki i,B ng kl 5,B o3 kv b,O 1ft n8,B ps kv 8,B pi kv 5,B pp ko 1,B pl lb 3,B pl l9 b8,G 1k 73 b8,G 32 67 av,G 3v 5b 8v,G 44 44 88,G 49 31 8p,G 4e 23 7u,G 34 19 74,G 2d j 6q

Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 Ap

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