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Chapter 7: Talking Sword From Hell (Say's Zalo)

"Here it is," Phinueus said, "I've kept this for some time now, I tried to enhance it, but it when… differently, that I expected." He picked up an old, rusty sword and sheath, and handed it to Zalo. "Wow, it really is rusty." Zalo remarked. The tip of the handle had a gem on it, and it began to shine. "Well your not quite the looker either!" The sword yelled. 'Gah!" Zalo quickly dropped the sword. "Ow! Can't even hold onto a old sword like me. Hey gramps, who are these chums?" The sword asked. "Don't mind him, he's always a little critical." Phinueus said politely. "Bah! I'm the critical one? Who's mister 'Aw, why can't you be a little nicer, why can't you be polite? Why can't you---" Phinueus held the gem down with his ring finger, and it was silenced. "Dalcancis here is a bit talkative, please mind him, but he works fine, he is still a sword." Phinueus lifted his finger off of the gem. "Well, I can't much else, I sit here in the corner. All. Day. Maybe I could do something for a change, and 'Dalcancis' is to long, how about Dalcan, or Mr. Super Sword?" Dalcancis wasn't very pleased. "Fine, You can be called Dalcan, or whatever you like, just be quite!" Phinueus said, very irritatedly(if thats a word). "No!" Dalcan replied. Phinueus sighed. "Here, we'll take two birds with one stone, in fact three, these young adventurers will have one less sword to buy, you can have something to do, Dalcan, and you can leave me in peace." He handed the sword to Zalo. "What?! Uh no, no thank you!" Zalo yelped, "Yes thank you" Phinueus said, thrusting Dalcan into Zalo's arms. "Aw, come on suck it up Zalo, we need all the help we can get if we're planing to all travel, and we might even need to do some dirty work, so this is just fine." Zalo grumbled and sat down. "Thank you very much for help, Mr. Phinueus." Gwen said gracefully, "Not a problem," Phinueus said, then whispered to himself "In fact, I should be thanking you" "What was that?" Dalcan shouted, "Nothing, nothing, you're probably hearing thing, Dalcan" Phinueus muttered. "I feel forgotten and alone," Mog said. Him and Neeka were sitting in the corner, misery and loneliness hung in the air around them. "Oh! Sorry, I forgot you guys we here." Gwen said, apologetically. "We've noticed" Neeka said, her tone a lot less cheerful, and her ears were shaking violently. "Uhh, Okay, I think we should hit the road!" Zalo said, trying his best to break up the fight. "No need, like I said theres plenty room here, I won this entire complex in bet, a long time ago." Phinueus said, remembering clearly. "It was for a sword fighting contest, it showed be coming up again soon, I should get ready for it, it's only a week away!" Phinueus hurried off into another room. Everybody said at Zalo, with Dalcan in hand. Zalo looked around the room, confused. "…What?"

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