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  • XBOX Live: Still havn't figured that one out
  • Wii: Finally got one...Rocking out on guitar hero
  • PSN: It's only a matter of time before they come out with a PS33
  • SteamID: ...OH FORGET IT!


Current Status: The ...Unusual


Formed a band of six members:

Myself: Keyboard, Vocals.

Spencer "the_manta": Bass

Gabriel: THE DRUMMA!

Francis: Violin

Garrett: Guitar.

Luke: Guitar

Together we are Stage 36


I've written several songs. I have a thread for them:
I update every week or month or year or...just look to see if i have something new... >.<


I'm a referee for soccer now! YAAAAAY!
I am now qualified to ruin coach's days, and make older people mad at me. And I'm getting paid $20 an hour to do it!!!


Favorite Quotes:

"If there was no God, there would be no atheists."
- G. K. Chesterson

"Atheists express their rage against God although in their view He does not exist."
-C. S. Lewis

"Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist that there is no God."
- Heywood Broun

"The opportunity to fail miserably is the only way that you can ever succeed."
- Rob Thomas


Favorite Bands(Other than mine):

1. One Republic
2. Something Corporate
3. Rob Thomas
4. Marianas Trench
5. Carolina Liar


Favorite songs:

1. Konstantine by Something Corporate
2. Secrets by One Republic
3. Invincible by Muse
4. Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
5. Apologize by One Republic


-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------In Jesus

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