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I have deleted all accounts on the wolfclan. Since it has been inactive for so long i assume member's have no idea they are a part of it anymore. To join please leave a comment with your rank, and and if you would like any special positions such as, VP, and Secretary. (Seeing as there is no money involved, no treasurer. Also if you would like to be a game judge notify me.


This is the account for the Wolf Clan. You can also join here on Gametesta's account

The posts in the forums are to get you to view this profile and join,NOT FOR ARMOR POINTS

President:Does everything listed below, except Secretary.
VP: Helps make important decisions and helps run the clan.
Secretary: Takes notes at meetings and writes thank you letters to game participants. Updates the news section on the site.
Game judges:Runs game contests. Judges FR Maps and determines finishing scores.
Assistants: There are assistants for everything listed above, except game judges..They assist whatever the head position is doing.

0-500 larva wolf
501-900 wolf pup
901-1002 toddler wolf
1003-2800 dark, light wolf
2801-4000 light, dark armed wolf
*Spike hair
4001-5000 brainy wolf
5001-6000 revenged wolf
6001-7000 spy wolf
7001-8000 small pack leader
8001-9000 CSI wolf
9001-10000 medium pack leader
10001-11000 honored pack leader
11001-12000 hero wolf
12001-14999 apprentice of the force wolf
15000+ force wolf

1.)Gametesta/President/Game Judge

*Clan meetings will be established shortly.

*Theone99 is no longer the leader and I am in charge

*Until we establish meetings, we have a news page

*The news page has all of the updates

*If you have any questions message me here or on my AG account

*Only me and VP's can edit the site

*If you want something added, ask me

*If any of your questions aren't answered here ask me.

*If you disobey me or one of the VP's you will be kicked out of the club and ban from the site.

*If your rank is something it is not, simply inform me.

*The Official Wolf Clan Website Is here

*Game Contests will resume when at least 15 members have joined, so spread the word.

-The Wolf Clan

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