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  • AIM: NO!!!
  • MSN: Yes, i have it
  • Yahoo: Nah
  • XBOX Live: I wish I had it or an xbox at all.
  • Wii: Yes, i have it
  • PSN: Yes, i have it online name Starletter
  • SteamID: ?????


Well My real name is Stephen (pronounced Steven). The reason why I have a weird nickname is because my sister always calls me Stee so it pretty much stuck. And the reason why I have the in front of it is because I want to make my name longer. I like to do pretty much all sports, but my favorites are soccer, basketball, baseball, Dodge ball, Kickball, Mat ball, and badmitton. But I also like to play video games like Need for Speed or any other racing game. I am one of the shortest kids in my grade. I have blonde hair. I am very skinny. I also like to use the computer. I also play the saxophone(even though I"m not very good). That's pretty much it.

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