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  • MSN: ask for it.
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  • XBOX Live: nope.
  • Wii: yep, but no internet connection. Zelda's awesome! :DD
  • PSN: nope. Got a PS1, though.
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This means I will occasionally log on to say hi, but I won't really be playing games or anything like that. Too busy.. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!

Alright. Since music is one of the major necessities in my life, we shall start with that. I'm into harder rock such as My Chemical Romance. And I don't care what anyone says, THEY'RE NOT AN EMO BAND. Thank you. Music is my first life source. Without it, half of me would be... dead. O.o
Now, onto video games. I have a Wii, a DS Lite, and a Gameboy Advance, which I gave to my sister. Zelda is my second life source. Without it, half of me would not exist.
Okay, I'm a girl, living in Alberta, I'm 12 and still single, but I don't date online. Sorry. :[ People say I'm very mature for my age, but, heck, get to know the REAL me!
I have lots of friends, which makes inviting a limited amount of people to my birthday parties extremely difficult. So far I've liked four guys.. and I hope I never like anyone again for a few years. Because love stinks.
Often I will go through depression stages, so please encourage me to say alive. Thanks. (I am dead serious.)

BotM: My Chemical Romance
AotM: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
SotM: Cemetary Drive

Clubs I am in:
-leader of the Members Against Animal Abuse and Slaughter group--leave comment to join
-magoctolo's vampire club
-princess of the CC club

NEXT LEVEL: 1200 AP (750 for Armatars)

[22/06/08] Taking a temporary leave of absense.. I'll be gone for a few weeks, at the most. :] Toodles!

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