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"If the thruth is the lie, then the lie is nothing but the truth."

It seems like nothing could keep me away long enough...not even a year and 4 days of inactivity.

Hey thingthingfreak,theone99,general254, and the other 9 people who i met that have probably quit.

Now, what should i say...after a year I have not much too... except that I became facinated with my grandfather's work and am now trying to be artistic as possible. If you would like to see some of my stuff, go here!

If your a traitor go here!

I'm thinking of bringing back the complaint of the week. If I do, there will be a new one every Monday.

Some of my favorites quotes from songs:
"Am I the only, only one of you?" B.R.M.C
"It's no fun till someone dies." Tool
"You say we have turned like the enimies you burned." A Perfect Circle
"Was it all a part of your Monday Mourning Meltdown?" Gov't Mule
"I'm not having any fun." Eels
"HEY! HEY! I'm your life, I'm the one who takes you there!" Metalica
"I'm still here...I still believe" Tool
"Is there anybody out there?!!?" Pink Floyd
"Dad has gone, across the ocean, leaving just a memory." Pink Floyd
Heh, I went from 498th to 719th place. Now I need to hit 3,000!

If you are neither of those, then your welcome to stay.

This is start (!) ing to look like my old 300 page bio...

Its ThisistheStart

-TitS (:P)

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