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playing 4 fun =)

My FR2 auto

7 3b v 3d,-2 6p -k 6i,2j b1 3a c0 3t ct,3r h0 5l go,8f me 9e mb,bg sp ct tm ej uk g2 vf,o2 14p mu 16f lp 180,je 1c9 i1 1dh gg 1em,8k 1mq 8f 1na,8l 1mt 94 1n0,45 1ue 2t 1vv 1l 214 c 227,-4i 25s -55 26l -5u 27g -6p 28c,-6u 2oi -6a 2pc,-1 3ne -h 3ok -1b 3pp,-7q 4bt -7c 4d0 -6v 4dt,30 4tn 3s 4ur 4q 4vs 5m 50r,78 52s 87 53u 92 550 9v 564 an 572,eq 5c5 fi 5d7 g9 5e8 h2 5fc hm 5g9,h6 5qh gc 5se f3 5u9 di 5vr,ja 5mo ir 5nj id 5of hv 5pa hi 5q6 h3 5r0,a2 64p 8p 65j 78 669 5j 66s 43 67b 2k 67k,-48 6ad -3j 6aq -30 6b9 -2g 6bq,-gp 6ub -fs 6uo,-av 7hu -ag 7i0,-b6 7ht -an 7hv,-aq 7hu -aq 7he,-fu 803 -an 7v5,-ip 82v -iu 84e -j8 860,-mm 8h6 -la 8id -jv 8jf -ig 8ki -h0 8li -fj 8me,-2e 9ff -1f 9fp,c8 agq d0 agu,o2 b6s of b83 oi b9f o8 bb6 nb bcu lt beg kc bfb im bfs h0 bg0 eu bfd dj bej,3n bbi 3o bct 3n bek 3j bgm 3g bim 3g bkf 3g bm0 3h bn9 3k boo 3q bpu 44 br3 4f bs9 4q bt9 57 bu7 5m bv2 65 bvp,8p c4d 9g c55 ah c5n c4 c64 dk c69 f6 c6g go c6j i8 c6h jq c6f lc c6f mv c6g oj c6i,oj c66 ol c6p,om c5u on c6m,kl c6d kj c74,iu c6b it c72,mj c6b mk c73,jk c6c jk c6r,la c6a ld c6s,k0 c6c k3 c6t,k4 c69 kl c6o,jp c6b jq c6q,j5 c6c jj c6m,jc c6a js c6h,if c6c iv c6m,st c8m qs cc4,ol ck9 o3 cl4,jr et1 kk ett,kf fjl 190 fjo,18t fjn 1j7 fjl,1j9 fj1 1j7 fk9#1bu f9s 1c0 fbv,19j fcm 1b2 ff6 1el ffb,1ej ffb 1gp fdf,1ej fa1 1ej fbg#T 1il fj3,S m8 f0k,S -e6 6vb

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