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            Me: I'm currently just a student right now, sadly and I'm in Southwest Miami Senior High School. I'm doing my 4 years there, I'm an easy going guy, I laugh at jokes, enjoy having friends and hanging out in clubs as long as there ain't no drunkies which I can't afford to be dealing with since most of my friends have gotten in trouble with. I enjoy simple foods like chicken,fish,salads. I try to level myself with all the junk food I barely go and eat fast food as I avoid being obese as much as possible, I eat chips and snacks a lot; though but after a time of eating lots of stuff with calories and fatening I go and work out, I do track and field or I play baseball. I like basketball and chess as well, I'm not good at football so you have been warned xD.
I also enjoy movies and watching funny clips and shows, I don't really watch much tv it's something I barely do anymore, probably when I have no homework to do or projects, its my daily life that I have to deal with as a teenager.
I also like watching movies I'm a really active person to, less active on the weekends though. I have a nice family I live in Miami,FL and I'm thinking of leaving when I get much older though my grandmother tells me to slow down cause I might be going a little too fast. I have slightly A's and B's and well I do really bad in English which is probably a C or D and if I'm lucky I have a B in that class. I like keeping my hair real short I hate long hair it's just disgusting, I mean for a guy. Like other guys look good with it but I don't. Get a haircut at least 3 weeks to 2 months tops. I never let it grow too much I really dislike it. I've been thinking of joining the military or becoming a physician or a meteorologist or however you spell it, since baseball is out of the category. I like tender slight sensitive easy going slim girls just to let you know. I've gotten slapped a lot to but by the ugly fat girls :P I'm not really that muscular but I don't even have a little bit of baby fat maybe 10-18 pounds of fat on me since I might eat a bit of too much junk food on the weekends since my parents might be a little lazy or stressed to cook anything at all which i fully understand. As I said I'm not a 24/7 dude playing video games I practically don't play live on xbox that much, I actually like this website more plainly and solid then my console, but I also have a psp 3000 and a ps vita. My favorite games are Halo,Call of Duty,most of the final fantasy and pokemon games which I don't play anymore,God of War,Metal Slug,Star Wars,etc.(you get the idea)
Now I'm not really that much of a book reader but I do like reading when I'm awfully bored with nothing to do at all, I like reading the Bluford series books and right now reading the series Amulet which is still going through and hasn't finished, they're simple books, I don't really like the really fat books, but I have read fat books that turn out to get my attention. I love music I couldn't live without it, though I quit piano after 5th grade after I became more interested in sports but I like Drake,Miguel,Wale,Rick Ross,Chris Brown,Rihanna,Britney Spears,Diggy Simmons,Tupac,Biggie,etc.(guys from hip hop and rap and some R&B) well you get the idea.
I like action,mystery,romance and comedy for movies I dislike a bit of horror unless its Jason or Michael Myers which I like, just the horrors from Elm street.
For my future I want a bright or smart loving girl with nice kids 2-3 4(max) I don't want more 0_0 a good house, good job, a nice car, money to help out my family and care for them and then be a grumpy old grandpa teaching my grandson things about life and then go peacefully to heaven and chill with


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