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Well, as you can see I have pretty much revealed my real name because of my poorly chosen username. If you still have no idea of what the real name of a guy called "Tom3000" COULD be, you must lack a lot of logic. Either that or you are just a smart cookie. By the way I don't really mind on who you are, as long as your name is not "Peter File", Im totally cool with me adding you/you adding me as a friend. By the way if you would (for some reason) like to play a game with me on Xbox-live (Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Halo Anniversary, MW3, Fable2/3, Assasins Creed 3/Brotherhood, Gears of war 1/2, GTA Ballad of Gay Tony & the Rich and the Damned [I think thats what its called]) and I would very much prefer if you had a microphone. Oh, one last thing: Thanks for wasting 20sec-3 min of your life, depending on how fast you read. But seriously, thx. By the way, if you add me as a friend because of Legacy of a Thousand Suns (Lots), please leave a comment on my profile saying lots, or just something to let me know you added me as a friend for that :P I made a free chat room that you and your friends can use. Here is a link. No password, and if you do use it, please tell your friends about it as well, as I hope that one day there will always be 3 or more people online. =D

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