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There are many things i could say to try to explain to you what kind of person i really am, but honestly, i don't exactly know how.
lets begin with the basics. i am 5'6, and i am average sized. I am Bisexual. i do well in school, i can't stand getting anything less than a D.
i have morals, and i have respect for myself, so think about that a little. well, i am labeled to the extreme. i don't believe in cliques, or labels, we are who we are. you can't just throw people into categories, none of us are even near being the same.
things i enjoy doing are hanging out with my people, listening to music, texting, going places, and i don't believe i was put on this earth to be your everyday, normal person. i want to do something amazing with my life. That everyone will remember me by.
my family and friends are definitely my life. they mean more to me than anything in this universe. i would be so lost without them to support me, and love me no matter what choices i make.
i'd do anything for them, anything.
i get along with everyone, literally, everyone. that is unless you are a low life person who likes to start unnecessary drama. if that person is you, let this be your warning. i have been known to be pretty chaotic, and malicious to say at the least, and i don't put up with anyone's bullshit. i cannot stand people who think they are saints, can do no wrong, are always right, or better than everyone. it kind of disgusts me.
i am very, very straight forward, and i am not afraid to say what's on my mind. i am probably one of the most outgoing Person you will ever meet. i am always laughing, and cheery - a person lacking a sense of humor is not the kind of person for me.
i am a very positive person, i find being negative very annoying. although i can be negative at times, it's extremely unusual.
i live my life laid back and care free, that's just how i get by. it's much easier than trying to live up to peoples standards, and be perfect for someone. i do what keeps me happy, even if i disappoint a few people on the way.

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