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If u are interested in becoming a Chick747 you must met these qualifications:
1. Must be at least level 11 on ExitPath.
2. Must receive an invitation from a current member of the group.
3. We are now accepting both genders!
(Female~Chick747 Male~Guy747)
4. Once you receive an invitation you may proceed to make an account and use Chick747 or Guy747 at the end of it. (The beginning part of your name can be any thing that interests you.
(Ex:// BananaChick747 if you like bananas.)
5. Your good to go and a welcome!
(Once you create account please leave a comment so we aware. Thanks!)
Well this is all for now! See Ya!
Current Chicks:
MusicChick749(9 is her lucky number so...yeah.)
ExitPathGuy747(Link Maker)

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