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Crush the Castle Community Forum Thread: Crush the Castle 2 - Custom Castles - My CtC2 Castles: Medieval MECH Ancient Greek Warship Wizard’s Observatory The Black Cat Arachnophobia! Three Scoop Stupa Tripeak ~ IRON IGLOO Northstar Knife Pharaoh gets pranked Arrowhead Shards Thistle Creepy Crawly - ALIEN TRIPOD - Tritotem 3 - Tritotem 2 - Pyramajig - Tree - StoneDomes - Egg ~ Wizard's Treehouse - The Colosseum - Pagoda - .. --- -Skip About- (Not Recommended; great castles ahead) --- ~New~ BRIDGE by CourtJester WINDOWS PALLADIUM by CourtJester Mayan Caves by CourtJester SSTGio builds a CASTLE by SSTG CASTLE @ DAWN by SSTG MAGNIFICENT CHURCH by SSTG MEDIEVAL CITY HALL by SSTG SSTGio CHAPEL INDIAN MERCHANT SHIP by SSTG The EXILED SON by SSTG 45 DEGREES AND RISING by retrophil12 Merlin's Mansion by retrophil12 ... - Classics Some of my all time favorites !!!A CORN OF TERROR!!! by choisart honey-sweet. lovely cake by choisart Birdcage Island by CourtJester Ice Princess Bridge by CourtJester SSTGia of the LAKE by SSTG WATER SAWMILL by SSTG CASTLE TOWERS & TURRETS by SSTG PIRATE SHIP @ SEA by SSTG I like SSTG's castles by Tooru Home with a view by Simski ... - Crush the Castle 2 PP - Selections Some of my favorite CtC2 Players Pack Levels: CourtJester Jester's Playhouse by CourtJester CROSS by CourtJester valboss84 The WASHINGTON CAPITOLE by valboss84 The TOWER BRIDGE by valboss84 4 TOWERS CASTLE by valboss84 timestables The Circle of Life by timestables Pyromid by timestables Stone's Edge. by timestables _ THE ONLY REAL TITANIC!!! by RubenP Chinese Tea House by Ernie15 DOWNRIVER HARBOR by Kashi SSTG -Castles NEW WORLD CHURCH by SSTG CASTLE TOWERS & TURRETS by SSTG TRIPLE TURRETS CASTLE by SSTG Ye OLDE LAWYER'S OFFICE by SSTG MASONIC CASTLE by SSTG HENRY the 1st CASTLE by SSTG ROYAL TREASURY ROBBERS PROVENCAL FARM HOUSE ENGLISH OUTPOST, IRELAND GOVERNMENT CENTER The BLACKSMITH SHOP FORTIFIED HOUSE OLD CRUSADER CASTLE -Ships SANTA SSTGio DEPARTURE by SSTG UNLOADING the WARSHIP by SSTG WARSHIP SSTGio CtC2 Version CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS PIRATE SHIP @ SEA ENEMY in SIGHT, FIRE! by SSTG -Figures GOLDEN AXE WARRIOR BABE by SSTG OBELIX by SSTG R2 D2 by SSTG -Misc. IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE by SSTG Cubic Castle by SSTG Tooru Entreposto Boreal by Tooru Mossy Fortress by Tooru Hunting for Butterflies by Tooru I like vitrals by Tooru Holidays in Japan by Tooru ... --- Crush the Castle 2 - Masterpieces A collection of the most architecturally brilliant CtC 2 levels from the Custom Castles thread. Castles are from the beginning of CtC2 to the beginning of the Players Pack, listed chronologically. There are three parts, a total of almost 200 castles. - Part 1/3 Shrinking King's Castle by CourtJester Shrinking Castle 2 by Court Jester Shrinking Castle Easier for the shares by CourtJester Fuse by Harrison Williams Wooden Parthenon by CourtJester Parthenon! By CourtJester Castle Inpenetrable created by BRP (R, Y's Design) Joker in the Middle by CourtJester Decoy on a Hill by DrElmer Jester's Digs by CourtJester hit roof! execution art! by choisart BOMB! A dangerous abbey! by choisart by CourtJester: Electrick Molotov - Nite Raid - The Matrix by SSTG: Royal Ostrich Caravan by SSTG Birdzilla & Eiffel Tower - Expensive Castle - Royal Sailboat Race - Royal Spice Road Caravan - Sinbad vs Sand Giant - The Kingdom is Invaded - The Warship has Arrived - Visit to Egypt - Ye Olde Shipyard by timestables: 5 huts - wizards lookout - Wood 4 the Trees - Arch III - It's 13 O'clock! - 2 + 2 = 5 - Odd Sox - Going Underground - Spiked Huts - 2 Strongrooms - Winds or Castle. - Simple Ziggurat - Upstairs, Downstairs. - Looks Easy? No. - Peasants Paradise Pickle - Another Fine Mess.. LONG CASTLE SIEGE by SSTG MEDIEVAL LIBRARY by SSTG AZOZ by SSTG Instant Death by CourtJester ALPINE RETREAT by SSTG ALLADIN & FLYING CARPET by SSTG Wednesday by timestables GARGOYLE CASTLE by SSTG Where Did My Saves Go? by timestables SAHARIAN OUTPOST by SSTG - 51 Castles - Part 2/3 SSTG's CATHEDRAL by SSTG MOUNT CASTLE by SSTG - PEASANTS & WINDMILL by SSTG - MARCO POLO's WAREHOUSE by SSTG - The GREAT WALL by SSTG - FOREST CASTLE by SSTG - CLIFF HANGER FORTRESS by SSTG - CAIRO by SSTG - TROJAN HORSE by SSTG - FIREWORKS FACTORY by SSTG - KHAN's PALACE of WONDER by SSTG BRAIN ENERGY COLLECTOR by SSTG by Simski: Dark and Light Of how I wish… Home with a view by Simski Tiny Mage Tower by Simski Cozy Cabin by Simski CourtJester "How can I soar with Vultures when I work with Turkeys?" MC Escher Woz Ere by timestables BABYLON by SSTG WARSHIP at SEA by SSTG Castle on the Volcano by DzS WAR OF INDEPENDENCE - 4TH of JULY 1783 by SSTG - CARAVANSERAIL by SSTG - POLYNESIA,LAGOON VILLAGE by SSTG - SHARK ATTACK!!! by SSTG - MASSIVE STONE CASTLE by SSTG - FRENCH KEEP with MOAT by SSTG - WIZARD's TIME MACHINE by SSTG Giant King-Eating Squid by timestables Sea Serpent Express by timestables DESERT CASTLE DESTRUCT by valboss84 French Alps Chateau by CastaicAce DRAGON SLAYERS by SSTG MEDITERRANEAN SEA PIRATES by SSTG Hit the Right Spot by timestables HOW THE SHIP WAS WON... by valboss84 CJ's Amusement House by CourtJester SURRENDERED by SSTG The W by timestables Ice Princess Bridge by CourtJester Night Mourning by CourtJester HERE COMES THE DEATH 2 by valboss84 1001 Nights by T-Bone Birdcage Island by CourtJester Arrowhead Shards by Trismegistus23 Knights of the Order of St.John in Rhodes by SSTG - CREEPY FAIRY TALE by SSTG - FAMAGUSTA PALACE by SSTG - UNDERWORLD TROLL CASTLE by SSTG - MEDIEVAL PUBLIC WC by SSTG - Acre CASTLE by SSTG - Spain and Portugal by SSTG Greek Temple by Arhimides A Bridge Too Far. by timestables Jokers Playground by timestables Saint-Laurent du Maroni by CastaicAce The DEADLY MANSION END by valboss84 ARCTIC MANSION by SSTG OLD CASTLE by SSTG Fantasyland Fire Drill by CastaicAce CHARGING them with ELEPHANTS! by SSTG by choisart: honey-sweet. lovely cake !!!A CORN OF TERROR!!! *\~Demolition art.~/* A cowboy hat. 13 bullets super robot! art castle! -69 Castles - Part 3/3 WHAT'S THAT? BURN IT! by valboss84 KEEP THE GUARD DEAD by valboss84 DEATH in VENICE by SSTG Longspan Opera House by CourtJester - Longspan Opera Sequel by CourtJester - Robot Castle by CourtJester SCHOOL of WIZARDRY by SSTG GULLIVER in LILLIPUT by SSTG jokers plaground 2 by timestables From the People's Empire: St Pauls by Dempsey - Tempel by FWR - [url]Iraqi Princess! aim high by Adam[/url] - Olympic Circles by Anton - The Eiffel Tower by T-Bone - BridzKlase by Ratiafak CASTLE of SSTG - The GOVERNOR'S HOUSE by SSTG - METHANOL FORTRESS by SSTG TIBETAN MONKS by SSTG Amazing Balance by CourtJester Bringing down the House by CastaicAce TINY CASTLE OF OXFORD by valboss84 Launch the Whole Family by CastaicAce OLD WATCH TOWER by SSTG ATTACK THE OLD TOWER by valboss84 Estonian Castle by CourtJester by valboss84: TWO BALANCED CASTLES -ALIEN ROYAL CASTLE - CITY CENTER DESTRUCTION They Need the Water Tank by timestables Snoopy Ate the Royals by CourtJester 3 SHOTS CASTLE by SSTG WATER SAWMILL by SSTG DUKES of FIRE HAZZARD by SSTG Seaside Fort by timestables Pointy Hut-on-Sea by timestables ROYAL COUNTRY HOUSE by SSTG relic fort by SSTG Imposter? A ROYAL STINK by Kevin Poor Hideout by timestables - Easter Island by timestables - Burn the King Quick! by timestables - Sandstone Hideaway by timestables - Totem Protection by timestables - Totem Chaos by timestables Castle + Double Garage by timestables TWO EIFFEL TOWERS!!! by SSTG- SHIP at SEA & HOUSE by SSTG - PALACE in CYPRUS by SSTG Illuminati by T-Bone Temple of Darkness by T-Bone Hunting Wabbits by Dannegan Sakkoon by Sakkoon The Cathedral by abantz PIRATES ATTACK WARSHIP by SSTG BATTLE of ALGIERS day 1 by SSTG BATTLE of ALGIERS day 2 by SSTG Make the Curcuit by timestables Missile test rig by timestables - Choice by timestables - The Dark Kwizard. by timestables - More Totem Madness by timestables The EMPIRE CASTLE by valboss84 PRETZEL DONUTS CASTLE by SSTG - MEDIEVAL CHURCH of SSTG - PALACE & PIAZZA SSTGio The Peasants Survive! by CourtJester WHAT'S THE STRANGE THING by valboss84 ALIEN ARCHITECTUR CASTLE by valboss84 CATHEDRAL SSTG 2 GOTHIC TEMPLE by SSTG DEMOLITION CITY 3 by valboss84 The RIALTO BRIDGE by valboss84 - 73 Castles - 3.5 - from the PE CrushTheCastle2 by Spawn ConArtist2 by Spawn - THE TREE HOUSE GANG !! by Kevin train bridge by shoot high Curse of the Pyramid by samsamsam2000 * 13th CENTURY CHURCH by SSTG - --- - Community Threads: Guide to modifying castle codes in Crush The Castle 2 and Players Pack. Ideas for Crush the Castle 3 - Crush the Castle Crush the Castle - Custom Castles - My CtC1 Castles Triangulated Tribute (original) 4~fl_i:378.35,415|fl_i:580.05,415.05|fl_i:781.75,415|fl_i:983.35,415|f_s:384.85,259.9|fl_s:690,273.35|ws_s:453.45,376.65|ws_s:493.3,378.3|f_s:543.15,340.1|w_s:346.25,327.9|f_s:388.25,399.85|ws_s:456.7,301.4|ws_s:493.2,301.55|ws_s:586.7,378.4|ws_s:918.35,379.9|w_s:686.55,345|w_s:808.3,338.25|f_s:848.3,404.75|f_s:978.35,404.9|f_s:956.7,341.65|ws_s:918.3,304.8|f_s:948.3,266.65|fl_i:575.05,249.85|fl_i:983.3,251.7|fl_i:688.4,261.65|fl_i:379.75,249.85|ws_s:534.9,304.95|fs_s:475,263.25|fs_s:474.95,339.9|w_i:1066.6,334.9|fs_s:556.75,403.25|fl_i:778.4,250.1|w_i:294.95,335.05|fs_s:545,264.9|fs_i:1055.05,405|fs_i:304.75,403.25|fl_i:686.55,238.3|fl_i:485.05,238.35|fl_i:891.7,240|f_i:1038.35,240.05|f_i:336.7,236.6|w_s:551.75,173.3|fl_s:551.7,99.9|ws_s:678.3,201.65|ws_s:678.25,129.95|ws_s:806.55,131.65|f_s:715,164.95|ws_s:753.35,201.6|f_s:843.35,166.65|f_s:838.35,95|ws_s:806.7,203.35|f_s:863.3,228.3|w_i:971.7,158.35|fs_i:961.75,228.35|fs_i:961.7,89.9|w_i:403.25,159.9|fs_i:415,91.6|fs_i:415,228.3|fl_i:491.6,78.35|fl_i:890.05,80|fl_i:685.05,88.35|fl_i:693.25,78.3|f_i:488.35,88.3|fs_i:560.05,88.35|ws_s:753.35,128.35|fl_i:886.75,68.3|fl_i:485,68.25|fl_i:686.7,68.35|w_s:445,-9.85|f_s:481.6,56.65|f_s:483.3,-80|w_s:566.55,0|f_s:601.55,-70.05|w_s:671.65,-11.7|f_s:706.65,56.65|f_s:780.1,-18.35|ws_s:818.3,18.35|ws_s:771.55,-53.35|f_s:891.75,-3.25|ws_s:928.35,33.25|ws_s:928.45,-40|ws_s:743.4,20.05|ws_s:745,-53.4|fs_s:803.4,56.65|fs_s:785,-93.3|w_i:950,1.5|w_i:401.65,0|ws_s:859.95,35|ws_s:856.65,-38.3|fs_i:410,-65|fs_i:961.7,-65|fs_i:410,-78.35|fl_i:468.35,-93.35|fl_i:631.65,-81.6|fl_i:910,-91.7|f_i:713.35,-93.3|f_i:618.3,-93.25|f_i:963.35,-106.55|fl_i:885,-76.65|fl_i:611.65,-106.6|fl_i:814.9,-106.7|f_i:413.35,-106.7|fs_i:485,-106.7|w_i:1045,336.65|p_s:680.05,-381.65|fs_i:813.3,261.7|p_t:411.65,-140|p_t:963.35,-140|c_k:633.4,374.9|c_q:745,373.35|c_s:1180,366.55|c_n:1223.4,360|w_i:971.75,3.3|w_i:423.3,0|w_i:425,160|w_i:950.05,158.3|w_i:316.7,335|w_w:681.65,-173.3|fl_w:783.3,-243.4|fl_w:581.65,-243.35|fl_i:980.5,-271.15|fl_i:399.8,-273.15|f_i:93.35,523.35|fs_i:253.4,416.7|fs_i:254.9,406.75|w_i:1088.3,336.55|fs_i:1105,411.7|fs_i:1106.7,403.2|f_i:1078.35,265|w_i:274.9,336.6|f_i:290.05,263.35|c_n:183.35,-378.3|c_s:140,-375.05| Here's a clue to help you destroy it in as little as 10 shots: The Mage's riddle The smallest force, and time, will lead to you enemy's self destruction.

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