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1.Exitpath?! Double jump? Wall jump? Triple jump? Double jump(don't need flow)? Bouncer tricks? If you in +0 area ,you will see me in 11:00-13:30 (exitpath!) 2. my account name in small letter is troiiingtroll , not trollingtroll so the account name is TroIIingTroll , not TrollingTroll NO SPELLING WRONG MY ACCOUNT NAME!!!! 3.the face smiley :P ??? D: unhappy O-( a people who is dead/sleep -_-|| ?? -_-" very busy o.o oh no! 4.about exitpath game version 1.7 I think the multiplayer it is too bored...... so , I think somethings need to correct somethings... a) can choose level b) custom level c) can 25 people in a room! d) practice (1 people) e) can join everytime f) spectate the room g) talking in game(race) h) can submit the custom level and have a level number which software can do it?? how to do it?? 5.welcome for send massage for me/become my friend! can call me to play exitpath! 7)02:45-05:30(or)07:15-09:30 I will in there!(armortime!)

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