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Hey! I review your games bro!

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1k 1n 4g,1n 4e 2d 1m 4r 1k 5k 4b,5k 49 61 1k,65 1m 8m 1k,8h 1j 8q 22,8r 22 92 1k f7 1f fj 2h,fh 2f g0 1e h3 1c,hs 1e kg 1e lh 1e,mi 1e o4 1e ol 1e po 1e,qp 1b rr 1b ss 1b tt 1b,ue 1b uv 19,vf 19 100 19,111 19 123 19,12j 19 13l 19 145 19,14m 19 157 19 168 19 179 19 18b 19 19t 19 1au 19 1cg 19 1e2 19 1fk 19 1gl 19,1jp 17 1lb 17,1ls 17 1ne 17,1nv 17 1ph 17,1q1 17 1s4 17,1u7 17 209 17,21b 16 22t 16,23u 16 25g 16,261 16 27j 16,283 16 2a6 16 2bo 16,2c9 16 2dr 16,2eb 16 2ft 16 2hf 16,2i0 16 2ji 16,2k3 16 2l4 16,2m5 16 2n7 16,2nn 16 2op 16,2p9 16 2qr 16,2su 16 2tv 16,2ug 16 2vh 16,302 16 31k 16,325 16 336 16,33n 16 34o 16,359 16 36a 16,37b 16 38d 16,38t 16 39v 16,3af 16 3c1 16,3ci 16 3dj 16,3el 16 3fm 16,3g7 16 3h8 16,3i9 16 3jb 16,3jr 16 3kt 16,3lu 16 3mv 16,3o1 16 3p2 16,3pj 16 3r5 16,3rl 16 3sn 16,3to 16 3va 16,3vr 16 41d 17,41t 17 43f 17,44h 17 45i 17,46j 17 47l 17,48m 17 49n 17,4ap 19 4cb 19,4cr 19 4ed 19,4ff 19 4gg 19,4h1 19 4ij 19,4j3 19 4kl 19,4l6 19 4m7 19,4mo 19 4oa 19,4or 19 4qd 19,4re 19 4sf 19,4th 8 4ui 8,4vj 8 50l 8,51m 8 538 8,53p 8 55b 19,55r 19 57d 19,57u 19 59g 19,5a1 19 5c3 17,5ck 17 5e6 17,5en 17 5g9 17,5gp 17 5is 17,5jt 17 5lf 17,5m0 17 5ni 17,4sm 14 4th 6,4sh 17 4st s,5nv 14 5og 17,5ph 17 5qj 17,5r3 17 5sl 17,5t6 17 5u7 17,5v9 17 60a 17,60r 1o 62d 2p,62t 2p 64f 3r,650 3r 66i 4s,673 4s 68l 5t,695 5t 6an 6e,6b8 6e 6cq 6v 6ec 80,6et 80 6gf 91,6gv 91 6k3 91,6kk 91 6ll 9i,6mn aj 6no aj,6o9 b4 6pr c5,6qb cm 6rt d7,6se dn 6u0 e8,6uh ep 6vi ep,703 f9 71l fq,725 gb 73n gr,748 hc 75q id,76b iu 77t kg,78d l1 79v mj,7ag n3 7c2 ol,7cj p6 7dk q7,7el r9 7g7 sr,7go tb 7ia ud,7ir ud 7kd ut,7kt ve 7n0 10f,7nh 110 7p3 11h,7q4 121 7r5 121,7rm 12i 7t8 133,7u9 144 7vr 144,80c 14l 85j 18q,863 18q 87l 18q,88n 18q 89o 17p,8ap 178 8br 16n,8cs 167 8ee 155 8ff 155 8h1 144,8hi 144 8j4 133,8k5 133 8ln 13j,8m8 144 8nq 14l,8ob 155 8pt 167,8qu 167 8rv 178,8t1 17p 8u2 189,8v3 189 90l 18q,916 18q 92o 17p,939 17p 94r 178,95b 178 96t 16n,97v 16n 99h 167,9a1 167 9bj 178 9bj 16n,9c4 17p 9d5 17p,9e7 189 9fp 189,9g9 189 9hr 189,9it 189 9ju 189,9kv 189 9m1 189,9mh 189 9o3 189,9ok 189 9q6 189,9qn 189 9ro 189,9s9 189 9ta 189 9ro 189,9r7 189 9q6 189,9p5 189 9nj 189 9m1 189,9lg 189 9ju 189,9jd 189 9hr 189,9gq 189 9fp 189,9f8 189 9dm 189,9bi 178 9dt 184,92b 184 9a1 167,89m 17p 8cs 167,8fk 154 8jb 131 8k4 131,8lf 13g 8mb 144,8nn 14j 8ob 154,8pu 163 8qu 163,8ru 176 915 18r,85n 18p 893 18p,7ga sr 7io uc##

-18 1i 18 1i,294 -h6 2qu -h6 2qu -do 38c -do,2nq -b8 390 -b8 3ok -b8 3q6 -8o 3ro -au 412 -au 42u -7q 454 -b8 462 -8e 47k -ak 48i -8e 49q -au 4ae -84 4bc -a0 4ck -7q 4hk -84,c6 -u 8o -u 7q -u,7g -u 68 -u 5k -u 4m -u,4c -u 3e -u,34 -u 26 -u,1s -u 1s -em,1s -u pa -u q8 -2g rg -u 164 -u 1be -u,1bo -u 1du -u 1es -u,1f6 -u 1g4 -u,1ge -u 1h2 -u 1i0 -u 1iu -u,1j8 -u 1l4 -u,1le -u 1mc -u 1na -u,1nk -u 1p6 -u,1pg -u 1qe -u,1qo -u 1rm -u,1s0 -u 1ti -u,1ts -u 1ug -u,12c -u 27s -u 286 -u,286 1i 286 18,2c8 1i 2e4 1i 2e4 -b8,28q -h6 29o -h6,28q -h6 28g -fu,28g -18 28g -h6,3i2 -bi 3i2 -b8 3j0 -b8,3he -b8 3m4 -cq,420 -9c 42a -cg,438 -8o 41m -bi,420 -9m 438 -bi,42a -8e 42u -cg,42u -8e 43i -bs,43i -9c 42k -bs,3q6 -92 3q6 -aa,3qq -9m 3qq -au,3pi -a0 3pi -au,4e6 -cq 4n8 -8e 4ha -84,4mu -8e 4vm -8o,50a -8o 51s 0 4lc 0,518 0 5fa 0 5ie 0,5gs 0 5rq 0,5so 0 5uu 0,5vs 0 61e 0,622 0 63k 0,64i 0 66o 0 68a 0,698 0 6bo 0,6cc 0 6du 0,6es 0 6h2 0 6ji 0,6k6 0 6mm 0 6pq 1i,6qe 1i 6s0 1i,6su 1i 6v4 1i 736 34 75c 4m 76a 4m 79e 5k 7bk 68 7ci 68 7i6 8o 7la 9c 7ng au,702 2g 728 34,7oe au 7qk bs,7ri bs 7um de 80s f0,81q f0 840 gi 84u gi 86g h6 874 h6 89k io,8a8 io 8co ka,8dc ka 8fs ls,8gg ls 8ju no 92k 114 9j6 1a6,8ju no 8m4 pu 8p8 se,8q6 se 8sc u0,8ta u0 8vg vi,90e vi 92k 114 95o 13a 98s 16e 9bc 18u,9c0 19i 9eg 1ag,9f4 1b4 9hk 1cm,9i8 1cm 9ko 1e8,9lc 1e8 9ns 1fq 9r0 1hc,9ru 1hc a26 1n0,a2q 1n0 a5a 1p6,a5u 1p6 a92 1qo abi 1sk,ac6 1sk aem 1u6,afa 1u6 ahq 1vo,aie 1vo ali 21a aom 22s,apk 22s aso 252 avs 26k,b0q 26k b5g 2am b98 2b0 cac 294 cs6 2g0 d9k 2g0 das 2g0 dcc 2g0 dds 2g0 dfl 2g0 dhk 2g0 djp 2g0 dlf 2g0 dn8 2g0 dp3 2g0 dr0 2g0 dt0 2g0 dv0 2g0 e12 2g0 e34 2g0 e58 2fr e7c 2fc e9i 2en ebi 2ds edb 2cr eet 2bl ega 2ab ehh 28u eik 27c eji 25o ek4 241 ekc 228 eka 20d ek0 1ug eje 1sh eim 1qh eho 1og egk 1mf efb 1kn edv 1j4 ecf 1ho eas 1gg e96 1fd e7e 1ef e5j 1dj e3n 1cr e1p 1c6 dvp 1bj dtp 1b2 drn 1aj dpj 1a6,b64 2ba b98 2ba,ba6 2ba bcc 2ba,bda 2ba bge 2ba,bh2 2ba bji 2ba,bk6 2ba bmm 2ba,bo8 2ba bqe 2ba,brc 2ba bti 2ba c8q 29o,dpj 1a6 dng 19r dlb 19h dj5 198 dgu 190 den 18o dcf 18i da7 18d d7v 188 d5m 183 d3d 180 d14 17s cur 17p csh 17m cq8 17k cnu 17i clk 17g cja 17f cgv 17d cek 17c cc9 17b c9v 17a,2c8 1i q8 1i k 1i,q8 1s qs 1s,5a 1i 5a 18,84 18 84 1i,2nq -b8 2e4 -b8,7ms ak 8ju ne,9b2 18k 9m0 1es,a1i 1mc als 21k apk 22s,7ms ak 7qa b8 7ri bs,7vk ec 81q f0,89a io 8ai io,avi 26k b0q 26k##B 2am -2g b8,B 2am -18 b8,G 2bu -de 5k,G 2bu -f0 5k,S 2bu -bs,S 2bu -do,S 2bu -fk,G 2bk -g8 5k,G 2bu -gs 5k,S 2cs -gs,S 2c8 -gi,S 3me -de,B 3jk -cg 2c,B 3im -c6 28,G dre 1cc 8s,G dv6 1d0 8r,G e3s 1e8 99,G e70 1fg 94,G e7u 1g4 9g,G e96 1h2 9j,G ea4 1ia a3,G ebc 1ik 8s,G edi 1le a2,G eeq 1na a6,G eha 1s0 99,G ef4 1nk 9r,G egm 1pg a6,G eha 1qe a6,G ehu 1rm 8e,G eii 1ti am,G ej6 1uq ad,G ehu 202 aq,G eii 228 ao,G eii 23g b8,G eii 25c b8,G eha 27i r,G ehu 260 m,G egc 28g 10,G efe 29o 15,G eeg 2am 1d,G ecu 2bu 1j,G eb2 2d6 1o,G e9g 2dq 1v,G e7a 2f2 1s,G e62 2f2 2q,S 3a8 -c6,S 35i -c6,S 30s -c6,S 2s6 -c6,S 2hi -h6,S 2hi -gi,S 2hi -fu,S 2hi -f0,S 2hi -bi,S 2hi -bs,S 2hi -cg,S 2hi -d4,S 2hi -do,S 2hi -ec,S 2hi -fa,B 294 -f0 2q,B 29e -e2 2q,B 29e -de 2q,B 29e -cg 2q,B 2ac -h6 5k,B 2b0 -h6 5k,B 2am -f0 5k,S 2am -fk,S 2am -do,S 2am -bs,G 2a2 -h6 5k,G 2ba -gs 5k,G 2am -gs 5k,B 2am -a b8,B 2am u b8,S 278 k,S 26a k,S 25c k,S 24e k,S 236 k,S 228 k,S 21a k,S 202 k,S 1ve k,S 1ug k,S 1ti k,S 1sk k,S 1rm k,S 1qo k,S 1q4 k,S 1os k,S 1iu k,S 18k k,S 15q k,S 11o k,S rg k,S p0 k

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