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If you don't feel like scrolling down Some Threads I Like to Keep Up With: You're Banned General Raze 2 Discussion The Legend of Zelda Lounge Chain Reaction!! When I Can Ban in Free-Verse, Once More: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, at 7:37 p.m. Hobbies: I like to listen to music. It calms me down in the rare cases I get really ticked off. It keeps me entertained on a rainy day or a really long car trip. When I'm either not in the mood for music or my ipods dead, I like to just sit and play a good video game. Whether it's playing online with friends or offline on my SNES, nothing is like a game with a good story, memorable characters, and a fairly large amount of difficulty. When me and the group of my friends that have one, we like to get together to play airsoft. I mostly play it because unlike music, it doesn't get rid of all the stress I'll have somedays. When playing airsoft, I get this huge addrenaline rush and it just makes me forget about everything that's got me worried at the moment. I don't normally watch much TV, but when I do, I normally stick to two channels: USA and G4. However I will occasionally go to Cartoon Network for Adventure Time and Regular Show, along with Adult Swim, but I only watch that if I'm pulling an all-nighter and there's nothing else to do. I'm looking into learning how to play bass guitar. If anyone could give me an idea on what to look for when buying one, it'd be greatly appreciated. Favorites: Top 10 Favorite Video Games (not in any order) 1. Super Metroid 2. Metroid Prime Trilogy 3. Fallout New Vegas 4. Mass Effect 3 5. Gears of War 2 6. Mario Kart DS 7. Borderlands 8. God of War 2 9. Starcraft 2 10. Legend of Zelda series Top 10 Favorite Bands (again, not in any order) 1. Kataklysm 2. Obscura 3.Gojira 4.Winds of Plague 5. Archons 6. Hour of Penance 7. Woe of Tyrants 8. Metallica 9. Pantera 10. Sylosis Favorite Songs by Those Bands (in some sort of order this time) 1. World of Treason (from the album 'Sorcery'): Kataklysm 2. Damnation is Here: Kataklysm 3. The Resurrected: Kataklysm 4. Oroborus: Gojira 5. Vacuity: Gojira 6. The Gift of Guilt: Gojira 7. Plague of Corruption: Archons 8. The Enigma of Torments: Archons 9. Pulverizing Inner Thoughts: Archons 10. Ocean Gateways: Obscura 11. Noospheres: Obscura 12. Infanite Rotation: Obscura 13. Anthems of Apocalypse: Winds of Plague 14. Monsters: Winds of Plague 15. Angels of Debauchery: Winds of Plague 16. Lightning over Atlantis: Woe of Tyrants 17. Break the Fangs of the Wicked: Woe of Tyrants 18. Threnody: Woe of Tyrants 19. Wherever I May Roam: Metallica 20. Nothing Else Matters: Metallica 21. Fade to Black: Metallica 22. Blind Obedience: Hour of Penance 23. Ascension: Hour of Penance 24. Sedition Through Scorn: Hour of Penance 25. Floods: Pantera 26. Hollow: Pantera 27. Cemetery Gates: Pantera 28. Visions of Demise: Sylosis 29. Swallow the World: Sylosis 30. From the Edge of the Earth: Sylosis Favorite Song: Vacuity: Gojira Lyrics: The sickness of this world is destroying all the dreams The fools are kings, tearing apart the soul The race for complication, communicate, reaction The lack of heart of men, I grow distant from the core Borrow this body for a lifetime, earthly material My soul unraveled out of mental The shell returns to dust I focus on the present, concentrate on what I find Accelerate the vision high beyond the curse of time Bring light to my attention, the walls of vacuum fall This force increases and tells me where to go Follow I enter my dimension, awakened heart for life Enforce my senses understanding I find the will to live straight I feel the change, I see the vicious circle Finally turned into a virtuous one I hold the whole world in my hands filled, timelessness Out of the frame I feel so vast around all myself Imaginative Interaction But I keep struggling inside to hold this always, Forever there Is it fear to fall in space that keeps us from understanding the only way to find the power is to look inside? Increase your fall on purpose, and let this river flow Now you hold this secret appeared out of the vacuum of space Remain in what you are, the center of your life You made it to this point, no one can tell you how You crawled and bled all the way But you were the only one that was tearing your soul apart, You finally find yourself. You can even sing along to that song using this link in another tab. How great is that? If you want a link to the songs or more info about the games/bands, leave a comment. I also know about a lot more metal bands than just those ten. Or if you like what you see in that list, you can follow to see what new bands/songs I find in my Youtube Playlist. *NOTE* What's not on my ipod already is in this playlist, meaning the playlist is subject to change. For Those of You Who Might Ask Why I Like Turtles so Much that My Username has the Word 'Turtle' in it: I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

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