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Hi there! Welcome to my profile! I hope you enjoy your stay! I am UDude21, your gracious host. I am fourteen, I play flash games in some of my spare time, and I am a proud Catholic. I don't talk on the forums much, but I do check my account for messages, if you need to tell me something. Important Dates: 5/27/2011: Account Made 12/8/2011: First Thread Made (The Stig's Some Say) 12/15/2011: First Clan Joined (OctoCanClan) 1/1/2012: First RPG made: (Armor Trek) 5/1/2012: Second Forum Game made: (AG Drag Racing) I am also a proud member of the OctoCanClan! Hooray! See Commander Paladin for info on joining. http://armorgames.com/user/CommanderPaladin Hey, I also play Minecraft! I play on the server All in the Mined on SMP a lot. allinthemined.forum-motion.com My IGN is CryHavoc21. If you go there because of me, tell them Cry sent you. Sooooo... you're still here. Okay. Fine. Sure. Whatever. You're welcome to stay, I just never expected anybody to stay. Just, enjoy the rest of your stay on this webpage.

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