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  • Member since: 1/3/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: Only if i know u
  • MSN: none
  • Yahoo: only if i know u
  • XBOX Live: Nah
  • Wii: PLayed one
  • PSN: played one, saving up for 80 gig & rockband :D
  • SteamID: wth is tht O.o


Videogames, hanging with frenz, basketball, computer, online rpgs.Online RPGS: Maple Story (Khaini ID UDumby)War Rock (ID pimpthtgun) KartRider (ID UDumby) Own: Computer (DUH) TV, PSP, PS2, Soon to be 80 gig PS3, GB, GBA, GBASP, and a phone (really crappy)

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