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My names Frankie Call Me NoS Im Caucasian and NOT rascist.. Im usally not on cuz i have a life unlike some ppl here that suffer from NoLifeSyndrom pretty serious shit... im usally at raves.... I like 1st person shooters. I'm Mostly on my Ps3 playing Battlefeild or COD.My Uncle Is President/CEO of Activison so i have every game imagninable made from Activison. I train in MMA fighting At the LAB if anyone knows what that is. My Favorite Band Is Social D. My Favorite artist is either Lil Wayne Or SouthParkMexican. And i hate people who think there so tough through the Internet, Racist People, Medal Of Honor, Fake Ass Ravers, Posers and Seafood AND WoW ecspecially WoW

(+'.'+) Copy and paste Bunny
('')_('') on ur about to help him gain
world domination

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