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Previous FGs: I can't seem to find the first Super Hero/Villain RPG, but here are the other three: Super Hero/Villain 2 Super Hero/Villain 3 Super Hero/Villain 4 Zombie RPG's (These are in no particular order): One Chance Medieval Zombie Apocalypse The Key to Salvation Hardcore Zombie RPG Hardcore Zombie Survival RPG #2 Zombie RPG (W/ story for once) Unique Zombie Survival (The Most Realistic) Zombie Survival RPG Others: Champion of Chiakor Wilderness Survival RPG Kept in the Dark -- It's Just the Beginning In other news, I recently found out that I just passed a Firefighter written examination, and now I'm one step closer to my dream. The only obstacle now will be the physical tests. I haven't been visiting the gym daily for nothing! Can't wait to be able to say, "Yeah. I'm one of the youngest firefighters to be hired."

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