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  • AIM: Don't know, haven't tried hitting anything lately.
  • MSN: What does that stand for?
  • Yahoo: Uh... why are you so excited?
  • XBOX Live: No, I don't have an Xbox, and if I did it would be dead.
  • Wii: Username is most likely waffle related
  • PSN: What ps3?
  • SteamID: What's steam?


I'm a teenager who's trying to be Christian (I know I'm not perfect, it's a process). I also like to study theoretical physics. If you think I'm lying, check my forum posts. On the topic of forum posts, if you're talking about something, PLEASE know what you're saying first. It makes intelligent conversation easier. Please don't flame, spam, or do anything that you wouldn't like if I did it to you. Even though, if you did flame me, spam my page, etc. I wouldn't do that back.

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