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Warmonger : a person who advocates, endorses, or tries to precipitate war.
(thats right lets go stir some shit up!!)
Hey eveyone sorry i been gone so long but it will be back soon!! Been busy as hell things will hopefully settle down in a while!..... If not well then see you all in four months!!

Grew up in montana. joined the military got stationed in oklahoma!
blah...blah.....blah. (mustve played about 300 of these games before oppening an account. ;0( )
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Join the Brawl Club and talk about anything related the super smash bros.

Leader: 1smallmalf Main: Ike
Assistant Leader: Warmonger Main: Bowser

1. Sekel6520 Main: Olimar
2. SorrowsNeptune Main: Mr.Game&Watch
3. Gman1000 Main: Ike
4. Skater_kid_who_pwns Main: Diddy Kong
5. GirlyMalf Main: Kirby
6. IRuleYa Main: Ike
7. Masta_Cheef Main: Luigi
8. Dib Main: Ike
9. ZombiesBrain Main: Samus
10. Kingy Main: Fox
11. Vincent66 Main: Ike
12. crazynaitor Main: Ike
13. AdamHowell Main: Sonic &Snake
14. Jikek Main: Wolf
15. Rasengan360 Main: Wolf
16. MarkedTarget6 Main: Ike
17. worrinpeace Main: Mario
18. Iann Main: Captian Falcon
19. SeanW Main: Link
20. Calebc07 Main: Snake
21. TimTempor Main: Marth
22. Nater Main: Pit
23. Lilboi 3000 Main Link

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