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Whiskey-Jack, Coyote, Ananzi, Kitsune - you call us tricksters. Perhaps, but I prefer to be called teachers. We are the storytellers. We are the actors. We are the stories. We spin the plots, we guide the action and we guard the tales. Our stories are many and various, and yet the same in a thousand different ways. What is your tale? *********************************************** WhiskeyedJack of CoyoteLabs here. After stalking around the site, playing each and every game that peaked my curiosity, I finally gave in and joined. Mostly I am a tinker and a dabbler. I try to be able to do a bit of everything. A bit of art, a bit of programming (mostly Python), and a bit of 3D design/animation (mostly Blender). I am new-ish to flash (as I said before, mostly tinkering), but hope to eventually get together a project I feel is worthy of AG. If you a looking for me in the community, check the Programming section of The Forge, that's my usual haunt. *********************************************** My Baby: Open source software list Currently Following: *********************************************** Forum Search

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