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Hello There!!! This will direct you to the bottom of the page. W - E - L - C - O - M - E to my Profile On AG (Armor Games) _______________________________ ----- You know you live in 2014 when... ----- 1.) You accidentaly enter your password on a microwave. 2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years 3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they dont have a screen name or twitter 4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV 6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job. 7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling. 8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends. 9.) And you were too busy nodding and smiling to notice there wasn't a number 5. 10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5. 11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly. 12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did (I fell for it lol.) I LOVE GUITAR i have a lez paul gibson it has an ownage amp that the size of me lol took me 5 years of no christmas's to get but well worth it i Annoy my sister next door. But it sure beats her singing lol. I love Mexico. There food is ownage. BUT SWINE FLUE IS (N) I love snowboarding and skiiing (THATS THE BEST) MY best ski resort was Switzerland, Sas Fee My Worst Is Andorra Inbetween France And Spain. If you want any help with AG, I don't mind if you ask me. Also any posts below 7 letters Will be recycled. lol Free Rider 2 Maps: (If you have any feel free to post in comment boxes) Free Rider 2 SAS TRAINING COURSe USE MOUNTAIN BIKE -18 1i 18 1i 7g u,-18 1i -18 18 -18 u -18 k -u k -18 k,18 1i 7g 1i 7q 1i 7q 18 84 1i 84 18 8e 1i 8e 18 8o 1i 8o 18 92 1i 92 18 9c 1i 9c 18 9m 1i 9m 18 a0 1i a0 18 aa 1i aa 18 ak 1i ak 18 au 1i au 18 b8 1i b8 18 bi 1i bi 18 bs 1i bs 18 c6 1i,7g 1i 7g 0 18 1i 7g a,7g 0 18 1i,7g k 18 1i,7g 18 1i 1i,cq k bi a,cq a bi 0,d4 0 bi -a bi a,cq k d4 0 g8 u,cq k em 18 ec 2g fk 2q fu 1s hg 26 i4 1s i4 1i i4 1s,em 1s do 1i ec 18 em 18,i4 1i fk k,fa k d4 0,f0 5u oc 50 oc 26,ku k l8 a,ku a m6 a,ku 0 m6 a,ku k ku 0 ku -a l8 0,ls u ne 18 ls 18 li 18,ls 18 li 1i li k ls u li u,ls u ls 18,et 5v ag 7m ac 8a 9c 8c,9c 8c 52 8g,7q 8e 6s 8e 6s 84 76 84 7q 84 aa 8e 6s 8o 6s 8e,50 8e -2g 8e -34 84 -34 a0 -2g a0 76 a0 76 8e,-2g 8e -2g a0,-34 84 6s 84,-3e 8e -3o 8e -3o 8o -3e 8e -3o 8e -3e 8o -3o 8o -42 8o -4c 8o -4c 8e -3o 8e -4c 8e,-3o 8e -3o 8o,-3e 8o -3e 8e,-4c 8o -42 8o,-18 a -u k,-18 a -u a -u k,-u a -18 0 -k 0 -u a -k a -u k,-18 0 -u 0 -u -a -u -1i -a -1i -a -u -a -k,-u 0 -18 -a -k -a -u 0 -u a -u 0,42 7g 4c 7q,42 7q 3e 7q,-4c do -fk do -mq 5u -15q f0 -2ee g8,-mq 5u -fu do,-g8 do -mq 5u -gi do,-m6 76 -mq 5u,-29o fu -26k fu,-2a2 fk -2e4 fk,-2d6 f0 -2h8 f0,-2gu ec -2kc ec,-2km em -2mi em,-2m8 em -2ms f0,-2mi f0 -2nq f0,-2ng f0 -2ms fa -2nq fk -2n6 fu -2sg hg -2s6 jc -33m jm -39a gs -3ek gi -3im g8,-3ho gi -3gi gi -3fj gf -3gj g1 -3hl g0 -3h0 go -3g2 h3 -3f6 h5 -3fd gd -3ge g2 -3hi fv -3ia gd -3hm h2 -3gn h9 -3fq h8 -3es h5 -3e4 h1 -3el g8 -3fn g1 -3go ft -3hr fu -3iq g4 -3j7 gq -3id ha -3hd h8 -3gg h2 -3fh gt -3ec gt -3d5 h1 -3e5 gm -3ff gk -3h0 g9 -3hl gt -3h8 he -3ic hf,-3i2 g8 -3ir gh -3i3 h4 -3iu hj -3i2 ht -3in h0 -3hn h5 -3h6 h4 -3i5 h2 -3iv gv -3ia gg -3iq fs -3ja fd -3jj em -3jp du -3ka dc -3l7 ct -3li dn -3kp e9 -3jq ed -3ir er -3i0 fr -3h4 gt,-4rk ak -4mk 114 -4d8 13k -41m 148,em 5k em 5u,-u 24 -ke 2n -3nl 6i,-3l4 d7 -3ns d8,-3nu d8 -3r6 cr -3ri bg,-3re bs -3ta bs,-3re bi -3t0 aa -3ta 7g -3tu -5a -3qg -7g -3m4 -76 -3im -a -3fs -a,-38c 5u -2gu -no -t2 34,-se 34 -rd 2v -q1 2l -oi 2i -mo 2h -ko 28 -j3 1v -hb 20 -fg 2d -di 2h -bi 2g -9g 2q -7i 2m -5t 26 -40 25 -26 1r -d 1q,-3o a -33 k -2i t#ak 0 ak -a 9m -a,a0 -a ak 0,92 -a 8o 0,9m 0 8o 0,92 -a 9m 0 92 0,84 -k 8o -k 8e -k 7q -k 84 -u 8e -k,lh 2q lj 35,li 2q n9 2n,nc 2n ng 2p nj 2r nl 2u,nl 2u nl 32 nj 38 nb 38 li 38 li 30,ne 2n n6 2n,lp 32 lr 2u lt 31 m0 2u,m4 2u m4 31 ma 32 ma 2u,mh 2s mi 2v,mi 2u ml 2u,mi 2u ml 32,mi 2t mh 31,ms 2v mv 2v mv 2s mp 2s n2 32,-a -l -2 -k 0 -f -6 -9 -d -9 -i -f -g -k -b -k,1i -50 50 -50,1i -50 3e -3o a -34,50 -3e 5u -5a 6i -34,5a -42 68 -42,a0 -5a 7g -5a 9m -3o 76 -3e,0 -2q a0 -2q,9c -2g -k -2g,8e -1s -1i -26#T -42 1s,T -42 18,T -4c 1i,T -4c 1s,T -42 1i,T -42 1i,T -4c 18,T -4c u,T -42 k,T -42 k,T -42 u,T -4c k,O -42 1s,O -42 1s,O -42 1i,O -42 1i,O -42 1i,O -42 1i,O -42 1i,O -42 18,O -42 18,O -42 u,T -42 1i,T -42 u,G -3r4 c6 8e,G -3re bs 8e,G -3r4 bi 83,G -3re bi 71,G -3s2 au 71,G -3re 2q 8a,G -3ta -26 8e,G -3tk -50 8e,G -3qq -6i b8,G -3qg -68 9d,G -3qg -76 b8,G -3me -6i 1v,G -3ju -k 1a,G -3j0 -u r,G -3i2 -a 5k,G -3i2 -a 6f,G -3lg dn 5p,G -3l5 dl 85,G -3l0 d9 6d,G -3l1 d4 5i,G -46c au 5e,G -46c cg b8,G -46c bs 5p,G -46m e2 5k,G -47a de 52,G -470 e2 5n,G -462 em 9r,G -45o ec 5n,G -454 do 5v,G -45e do 5n,G -46c cq 4p,G -46m au 5k,G -462 92 60,G -45o au 66,G -45e 9c 5t,G -45e a0 5k,G -44q aa 64,G -454 d4 r,G -45e cg 4p,G -462 cg 5k,G -45o aa 5q,G -446 aa 5t,G -45e ak 5k,G -3i2 fk 7j SAS BASIC TRAINING, HELI COURSE: -18 1i 18 1i 6s -a 6s -k 3e -ku -uu -hq -164 -hg -no se -9m 10q gi -18 aa -pu -1d0 -m6 -12m uk -92 180 pu -4m,-18 1i -5a 1i -6s -e2 -pk -do -g8 pa 6s -a,pu -4c f0 -ua -1e8 -qs -1cm -ka,-h6 -8o -o2 -76 -em -6i -ku -1s,-hg 50 -gs -1s -a0 3e,-ie 26 -cg -u,-bi 4m -fu 76 -7q a0 -d4 em##T -13u -pk,T -180 -pa,T -1bo -p0 SAS BASIC TRAINING,Heli OBSTACLE COURSE: -18 1i 18 1i 18 -39a m6 -3b6 s4 -3bg rq -5ec o2 -5ls,-18 1i -do 1i -fk -3dc hq -3eu hg -568 -rg -568 -rg -5ls ie -5ls o2 -5ls##T -no -57g,T -no -57q,T -no -58e,T -o2 -57g,T -o2 -57g,T -oc -57g,T -om -57q,T -p0 -57q,T -pa -57g,T -pu -58o,T -pu -57q,T -pu -56s,T -pa -5j2,T -n4 -5jc,T -jc -5jc,O -9c -5a0,O -bi -59m,O -c6 -59m,O -gs -5a0,O -9m -5c6,O -jc -5cq,O -4c -58e,O -42 -5bi,O -1i -5gs,O -de -59c,O -au -5do,O -7g -5do,O o2 -4jg,O o2 -47k,O om -3r4,O -1s -32e,O -de -2qu,O -7q -27i,O -7g -228,O -7g -1vo,O -26 -1fq,O -de -1e8,O -34 -1a6,O -de -16e,O -34 -10q,O -cq -tc,O -1i -pk,O -cg -jm,O -2g -fu,O -bs -c6 Another Map, Not part of the SAS Series -18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -84 1i -84 5k 1i 5k 1s 5k 2g 50 2q 4m 2q 68,-84 5k -8o 68 -8o 7q,1s 5k 1s 76 18 7q 18 68 1s 5k,1s 76 2g 6i 3e 5k 5k 5k d4 5k l8 5k r6 5k tc 5k 164 5k 164 k 17c -k,2g 6i 2g 68,2g 50 2g 68,3e 5k 3e 42 2q 4m,r6 5k pk 76,164 5k 16e 5a 17c 4c 17c -k,1i 1i 18 1i,1i 1i 1s 1i 1s 1s 26 1s 26 26 2g 26 2g 2g 2q 2g 2q 2q 34 2q 34 34 3e 34 3e 3e 3o 3e 3o 3o 42 3o 42 42 4c 42 4c 4c 4m 4c 4m 4m 50 4m 50 50 5a 50 5a 5a 5k 5a 5k 5k,-1i 5k -1i 2g 0 2g a 2g a 5k,-18 2q -18 42 -a 42 0 42 0 2q -a 2q -18 2q,-k 2q -k 42,0 3e -18 3e,-a 4c -a 4m 0 4m 0 4c -a 4c,1s 3e 1s 4m,1i 4c 2q 4c,2g 4m 2g 3o 2q 3o,26 4m 26 3o,1s 42 2q 42,1i 3e 26 3e,1s 3o 2g 3o,1s 3o 18 3o,1s 42 1i 42,-6s 1i -6s 34,-6i 1i -6i 2g,-76 1i -76 2q,-7g 2q -68 2q,-7g 26 -68 26,-76 2g -5u 2g,-76 1s -7g 1s,-76 1s -6i 1s -68 1s,-6i 2q -6i 2g,-4c 5k -42 5a -3o 5a -3e 50 -34 50 -34 5a -2q 5k,-aa 68 18 68,-8e 4c -8e 5u,-8o 4m -8o 68,-92 50 -92 68 -92 7q,-9c 5a -9c 68 -9c 7q,-9m 5k -9m 68 -9m 7q,-a0 5u -a0 68 -a0 7q,-aa 68 -aa 7q 18 7q,u 68 u 7q,k 68 k 7q,a 68 a 7q,0 68 0 7q,-a 68 -a 7q,-k 68 -k 7q,-u 68 -u 7q,-18 68 -18 7q,-1i 68 -1i 7q,-1s 68 -1s 7q,-26 68 -26 7q,-2g 68 -2g 7q,-2q 68 -2q 7q,-34 68 -34 7q,-3e 68 -3e 7q,-3o 68 -3o 7q,-42 68 -42 7q,-4c 68 -4c 7q,-8e 68 -8e 7q,-84 68 -84 7q,-7q 68 -7q 7q,-7g 68 -7g 7q,-76 68 -76 7q,-6s 68 -6s 7q,-6i 68 -6i 7q,-68 68 -68 7q,-5u 68 -5u 7q,-5k 68 -5k 7g -5k 7q,-5a 68 -5a 7q,-4m 68 -4m 7q,-50 68 -50 7q,1i 5u 1i 7g,26 5a 26 6s,-aa 68 -gi 68,-84 42 -aa 68,mq 50 o2 42 pa 2g r6 2g r6 5k,pa 2g pa 5k,mq 50 l8 5k,qi 2g qi 5k,pu 2g pu 5k,om 5k om 3e,o2 5k o2 42,ne 5k ne 4m,mq 5k mq 50,m6 5k m6 5a,om 3g om 3a,ne 4n ne 4i,ua -a uk -k 14s -k,uk -k uk k uk 5k,tc k ua -a,u0 0 u0 k u0 5k,tc k tc 5k,v8 k v8 5k,vs k vs 5k,10g k 10g 5k,114 k 114 5k,11o k 11o 5k,12c k 12c 5k,130 k 130 5k,13k k 13k 5k,10q 0 10q a 11e a,114 0 114 a,10q 0 11o 0,114 0 114 -a,10q 0 10g 0,172 -k 14s -k,172 -k 17c -k,tc k 164 k,148 k 148 5k,14s k 14s 5k,15g k 15g 5k,16o 0 16o 50,1aq 5k 1c2 4c 1e8 4c 1ei 4c,1aq 5k 1ag 5k 1ag 5u 1a6 5u 1a6 68 19s 68 19s 6i 19i 6i 19i 6s 198 6s 198 76 18u 76 18u 7g 18k 7g 18k 7q 18a 7q 18a 84 180 84 180 8e 17m 8e 17m 8o vs 8o vs au 17m au 1aq au 1aq fu 1ag fu,qs 5k r6 5k,130 fu 1ag fu,11e fu 130 fu,1aq do 18k do 18k fu,18u fk 18u e2 1ag e2 1ag fk 18u fk,198 ec 1a6 ec,1le 5k 20m 5k 21k 5k 236 5a 24e 4m 25m 3e 26k 1i 26u u,1ei 5k 1e8 5k,so e2 s4 d4 rq bi rq 7g rq 6f,so e2 u0 f0 v8 fk 11e fu,1aq 5k 1e8 5k,30i 5k 30i 5a 30s 5a 30s 50 316 50 316 4m 31g 4m 31g 4c 31q 4c 31q 42 324 42 324 3o 32e 3o 32e 3e 32o 3e 32o 34 332 34 332 2q 33c 2q 33c 2g 35s 2g 35s 2q 366 2q 366 34 36g 34 36g 3e 36q 3e 36q 3o 374 3o 374 42 37e 42 37e 4c 37o 4c 37o 4m 382 4m 382 50 38c 50 38c 5a 38m 5a 38m 5k 3g6 5k,1le 5k 1ei 5k,1fq 3e 1go 42 1i0 4m 1js 5a 1le 5k,1fq 3e 1f6 2g 1es 2g 1es 4c 1es 5k,1es 4c 1ei 4c,2am u 26u u,2am u 2ci u,2dq 3e 2ci u,2f2 4m 2dq 3e,2ga 5a 2hs 5k 2je 5k 30i 5k,2f2 4m 2ga 5a,40e 5k 438 50 45e 42 47u 26 496 k 4a4 -u 4cu -u,4a4 -u 4ao -1i 4a4 -u,4ao -1i 4di -1i,40e 5k 4d8 5k 4o6 5k,4d8 5k 4d8 -u 4cu -u,4o6 -u 4o6 5k,4ds -u 4i8 -u 4ii -u 4ni -u 4o6 -u,4ds -u 4d8 -u,4is -7g 4eg -1i 4mk -1i 4mu -1i 4is -7g,4ii -42 4gc -42,4j6 -42 4l2 -42,4ii -3e 4ii -1i,4j6 -3e 4j6 -1i,4j6 -3e 4lc -3e 4lk -3e,4ii -3e 4g2 -3e,4ii -42 4ii -6s 4ii -72,4j6 -42 4j6 -6i 4j6 -6s,4j6 -6r 4j6 -70,4g3 -3e 4fs -3e,4l1 -42 4l6 -42,4is -8o 4o6 -u,4n8 -84 4n8 -50 4ns -5k,4m0 -6s 4n8 -50,4m0 -6s 4m0 -84 4mk -8o 4ns -8o 4ns -5k,4m0 -84 4n8 -84 4ns -8o,4ra -42 4o6 -u,4m0 -bs 4ra -42 4ra 2g 4o6 5k,4ra -42 54c -42,4ra 2g 54c 2g 54c -42,4m0 -bs 4is -8o 4d8 -u,4ra -4c 54m -4c 54c -42,54m -4c 54m 26 54c 2g,55u -5k 55u u 584 -18 584 -26,55u -5k 584 -7q 584 -26,584 -7q 4oq -7q,55u -5k 55k -5k 57g -7g 4p4 -7g,55k -5k 55k k 55k u 55u u,4ue -68 4ue -5a 4ue -50,4u4 -5a 4v2 -5a,4uo -50 4uo -68,4uo -5k 4vm -5k,4uo -5u 4tq -5u,4u4 -68 4vc -68,4v2 -6i 4v2 -50 4vm -50,4uo -5k 4u4 -5k,4uo -5u 4vc -5u,4vc -4m 4vc -5a,5aa -5u 5aa -18 5de -18,5de -5u 5ec -50 5fk -42 5hg -34 5kk -1s 5n4 -18 5de -18,5n4 -18 5vs -18 6bo -18 6bo -34 6bo -42 6cm -50 6e8 -50,6bo -18 6dk -18 6dk -42 6ei -50 6e8 -50,6dk -18 6ge -18 6ge -42 6hm -42 6i0 -42 6ia -42 6ia -18 6ge -18,6ge -42 6hc -50 6hm -50,6bo -42 6aq -2q 69s -1s 68u -18,69s -1s 68u -18,6bo -42 6dk -42,6ei -50 6ei -26 6ge -26,6dk -18 6ei -26,6ia -42 6j8 -50 6j8 -4c,6j8 -50 6hm -50,6ia -18 6j8 -26 6l4 -26 6l4 -18 6ia -18,6j8 -26 6j8 -4c,6l4 -26 6l4 -42 6na -42 6na -18 6l4 -18,6na -42 6o8 -2q 6p6 -1s 6q4 -18,6na -18 6rm -18 7am -18 7b0 -18 7b0 -u 7ba -u 7ba -k 7bk -k 7bk -a 7bu -a 7bu 0 7lu 0 7lu a 7m8 a 7m8 k 7mi k 7mi u 7ms u 7ms 18 858 18 858 u 85i u 85i k 85s k 85s a 866 a 866 0 86g 0 86g -a 86q -a 86q -k 874 -k 874 -u 87e -u 8dm -u,5aa -5u 5d4 -5u,5c6 -5u 5de -5u,8i2 3e 8h4 2g 8dm -u,8me 3e 8i2 -u 8vg -u 91c -u 91c -34 912 -2q 912 -34 91m -3o 93i -3o 94g -5k 95o -6s 94q -50 94q -26,93i -3o 94q -50,93i -3o 93i -u 94q -26,93i -u 96m -u 96m -c6 970 -c6 970 -u 96m -u,96m -c6 97k -d4 97u -d4 970 -c6,97u -d4 97u -2g,93i -u 91c -u,970 -u 97u -1s 97u -2g,8i2 3e 8k8 5k 8lg 6i 8n2 76 8pi 7g 8re 7g 90e 7g,8me 3e 8nm 4c 8qg 4m 8vq 4m 90e 4m 912 4m 91c 4m 920 50 92a 5a 92k 5u 92k 68 92a 6s 920 76 91c 7g 90e 7g,8vg -2g 8us -1i 8u8 -u,8vg -2g 904 -2g 904 -u,8vg -2g 904 -34 90o -34 904 -2g,90o -34 90o -1i 904 -u,16o -k 16o 0,15g -k 15g k,164 -k 164 k,pk 6i om 7g aa 7g aa 8e,om ak om do 8e do,pk cq om do,6i 6i 6s 68 6s a0,6s 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ec 294,B 130 ec 294,B 164 d4 294,B 15g d4 294,B 14s d4 294,B 148 d4 294,B 13k d4 294,B 130 d4 294,B 6bo -42 49q,B 4a4 -u 4ui,S 16e bs,O 14s ec,O 935 -4e,T 8tc -1s,T 8ul -2e,T 8vq -39 (For those that don't know what SAS is it's like the British Special Force) Wheelie Mania - Not By Me - -c 21 b 1t 11 1t 22 1q 2h 1n 31 1n 3l 1u,-d 21 -k 24 -s 25 -13 28 -1e 2l,-r 2n -1j 2l,-1l 2j -1m 2o -1k 31 -1e 3c,-2k 5d -2e 5e,-2l 5d -2n 5g -2l 5r,-2c 5p -2o 5u -2r 6h,-2d 5e -29 5i,-2b 61 -2b 5m -25 5a -1r 53,-1q 5a -1p 4i -1f 3r -17 3m -7 3p t 3i 1u 3l u 3f -5 3k -15 3f -1b 3f -1f 3d,-5j 99 -5b a2 -50 am -4m b5 -4h bb -4b bi -45 bm -3q br -3g bu -38 bv -2u c1 -2j c3 -28 c4 -1s c3 -1j c1 -18 bu,-5j 99 -5n 93 -5t 90 -69 8u,-65 91 -6b 8t -6n 8i -6u 8g,-17 bu -13 bt -s bs -j bs,-b bu -7 c2 -6 ce,-d cb 2 cj d d4 b di,4 dh c dl n e4,j du o do t dn 13 dt 1c ea,17 e2 1e e7 1u f0 25 ff,-i bs -b bs -8 br -8 c1,3s dp 13 cm,3s dp 5o eb,5p eb 63 ee 6e eh 6o ei 73 ei 7f eh 7o ef,13 cp 3r ds 5p ee 6f ek,1m d1 1e e7,1h eb 1p d2,7n ei 7o ed 7v ef,88 eb 8b e9,8c e9 8g e7,8h e7 8q e5 97 e4 9i e4 9o e7 a2 eb ac ed al ee au eg ba el bj eo bs eq c3 eq cq et,3m 1v 3t 2b 42 30 44 3v 4e 4r 4e 5f,cb eo cr eq,cq eu cq fc cm ft,cj fp cp g7 ct h0,cp h0 cv h1,cv h2 cq hb cr hk cl hm,co hm cs ie cm ik cq ja d0 jo dh k4 ds k8 e9 ka eo kc,e7 j0 e7 k7,e3 is ei is,eh iv e3 iv,6g ej 6b en 64 f3,6c f4 5k f1 4g f9,1r ff 2m fe 3m fi,3e fh 42 fb 4s ff,4g fa 4e fe,4s e7 4t f5,50 f5 4v e7,ec iv ec ka,gt kh fk k4,fj k4 fe k5 f7 kd,fe ke f2 kc eo kc,gt ki gu kn gt l1,gl l0 hc l1,hd l1 jb lm jf lr ji m5 jh mh,iu mh kd mk kq mn,kq mm lv ne m3 nk m4 np m4 o3 m2 oc,m5 o7 mf o8 mm oe,mi oc mt of n9 om nd p1 n9 pi,nd p7 nn pe,nh pj nu pa,on po nt pa,on po p2 pu,p2 pv p3 q8,ot q1 p8 qd p9 qu p3 rc,n6 ra o2 ra p7 re pj rs,ou rp p1 rp pl rs pt rv q1 sc pv t1 pe ti ot tp nq tn n7 tg,nd tc mm tm lm tu,od tn o1 u1 nj uj n9 vc n5 10a n4 11i n9 12u nk 14g nv 15f od 16g ot 17e pb 181 ql 19f rk 1a9 sq 1b0 tq 1bd vi 1bp 10p 1c0 123 1c3 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174 1gk,1a1 1i6 1al 1ic 1b9 1if,1au 1if 1c7 1ik,15v 1db 168 1eh,163 1dk 16b 1ei,162 1ea 16a 1et,169 1el 16o 1fg,16f 1f4 16s 1fq,3m1 3es 3mc 3f9,3m7 3f0 3mh 3ff,3me 3f8 3mn 3fj,3mi 3ff 3mv 3fn,3mr 3fk 3n5 3fp#S 4gi 3rh Ω The Map Of a Thousand Circuits Ω -18 1i 18 1i 1i 1s 2g 2q 2q 2q 42 1i 4m 3e,-18 1i -4m u -cg -k -ne -2q -mg -a,-ne -2q -a 1s 18 1s -a 26 18 26 -k 2g 18 2g -u 2q 18 2q -18 34 18 34 -1i 3e 18 3e 18 1i -a 1s,-a 26 -ne -2q -ls -a,-ne -2q -k 2g,-u 2q -ne -2q -ku -a,-ne -2q -18 34,-1i 3e -ne -2q -jm -a -l8 -a -ls -a,-ne -2q -1s 3o 18 3o 2q 3o 3o 3o 3e 3e 3e 26,18 3e -1s 3o,18 3o 18 3e 1i 3o 1s 3e 1s 26,1i 3o 1i 3e 1i 1s,1i 3e 1s 3o 26 3e 26 2q 26 2g,1s 3o 1s 3e 26 3o 2g 3e 2g 2q,26 3o 26 3e 2g 3e 2q 3o 34 3e 34 2g,26 3e 2g 3o 2g 3e 18 3e,2g 3e 2q 3o,2g 3e 34 3e 3e 3o 3o 3e 3o 1s,2q 3e 2q 3o,34 3e 34 3o 3e 3e 3e 3o,3o 3e 3o 3o 42 3e 5k 3o 42 2g 5a 3o 42 1i 4c 3o,34 3e 3o 3e 42 3o 42 3e 76 42 p0 42 q8 5u qi 8o no aa i4 aa,3o 3o 42 3o,42 3e 3o 3e,2q 3e 34 3o,2q 3e 2g 3o,1i 3e 18 3o,42 3e 42 34 5a 3o,42 34 42 2q 76 42 42 1i 42 3o,42 2q 42 1i 76 42 42 1s 5k 3o 42 1i 76 42 42 2g 50 3o,2q 3e 2q 2q,76 42 42 3o,76 42 42 34,42 26 76 42,42 1s 4m 3o,-ne -2q -ne -26 -o2 -26 -pa -a -ne -1s -pa -a -n4 -a -ne -2q -j2 -a -ne -2q -ie -a -ne -2q -hq -a -ne -2q -hg -a -ne -2q -gs -a,-o2 -26 -o2 -1i -no -18 -oc -18 -no -u,-o2 -1i -om -1i -pa -a -q8 -a -tc -a -tc u,-om -1i -om -18 -om -u -pa -u -ne -a,-pa -u -pa -a,-u0 0 -u0 u,-uk 0 -uk u -tc u,-uk 0 -uk -a -vi k -114 k -uk -a -u0 0 -tc -a,-ne -2q -ne -a,-n4 -a -bs -a,-ne -2q -fk -a,-g8 -a -ne -2q,-h6 -a -ne -2q,-ka -a -ne -2q,-m6 -k -ne -2q,-li -a -ne -2q,-om -1i -ne -a,-o2 -26 -ne -k,-o2 -1s -o2 -1i,-114 k -122 0 -vs k,-122 0 -198 0,-11e k -114 k -uk -a,-11o 0 -vi k,-18 1i -18 -a -18 -k -6s u -18 a -76 u -18 k -7g u -18 u,-6s u -18 -a,-1i 0 -6s u -18 0 -1s 0,-1i 0 -9c 18,-18 -42 0 -42,0 -4c a -42 0 -3o,-26 3o -2s 3o -3k 3o -4a 3o -4v 3r -5k 3u -66 40 -6p 41 -79 3q -84 4f -97 49 -am 46 -c7 4g -dj 4b -ev 42 -gd 3o -i0 3i -io 3a -js 34 -kq 38 -l5 43 -li 4o -m4 58 -mm 5p -n5 66 -nn 6g -ok 76 -pn 7s -qv 8j -sc 9b -tj a1 -un at -vo bu -10l d5 -116 eb -10r fk -10b gm -10i i5 -11m jg -13q jk -15p ib -17o gj -19a ej -1ad ch -1an am -1af 97 -19l 88 -187 8j -16v 97 -15h 9i -13t 8s,-13t 8s -12q 7b -12c 5o,-12c 5o -13q 4d -15f 49 -174 46 -18p 42 -1ae 3v -1c2 3s -1e7 3n -1fr 3k -1he 3h -1jh 38 -1ld 2a -1n5 16 -1ou 1 -1qr -u -1sp -1t -1u4 -2r -1vc -3u -20j -54 -21m -6b -22n -7l -23h -93 -246 -ak -24m -cb -253 -e4 -25f -fv -25q -hq -262 -jl -26a -lh -26h -ne -26k -p9 -26i -r3 -26a -sr -25s -ug -24v -10a -23s -11q -22l -12q -21g -13e -201 -13h -1uh -131 -1st -120 -1rc -10b -1q9 -ut -1p7 -tc -1ob -rp -1nq -q3 -1nd -od -1n5 -ml -1mu -kt -1mm -j5 -1md -hc,-1md -hc -1m5 -fj -1lp -dr -1l7 -c7 -1ka -ao -1j3 -9f -1hj -8c -1ft -7g -1e5 -6n -1cf -5r -1au -4m -19e -3f -17q -29 -164 -16,-164 -18 -16t -t -17k -k -188 -c -18p -6 -198 -2,1i -4c 1s -42 26 -4c 2g -42 2q -4c,34 -4c 34 -42,3e -4m 3e -42 3o -42,42 -4m 42 -42 4c -42,4m -4c 4m -42,50 -42 50 -4c 5a -4c,50 -4c 50 -4m 5a -4m 5a -42,5k -42 5k -4m 5u -4c 68 -4m 68 -42,5k -4m 5u -4m 68 -4m,5u -4m 5u -4c,26 -3e 3o -3e,34 -3e 2q -2q,3e -34 34 -2q 3e -2g,34 -2q 2q -2g,3o -2q 34 -26,3o -2g 42 -26,3o -2g 42 -2q 4c -2g,3o -2g 3e -26 3o -1s,3e -26 3o -26,1s -1i 2q -1i,1s -1i 1s -u 26 -u 26 -18,2g -u 2g -18 2q -18 2q -u 26 -u,2q -u 2q -k,2g -u 2g -k,2q -u 34 -u,3e -k 34 -18 3o -18 42 -k 42 -18 4c -18 4m -k 5a -k,50 -u 5a -u,5a -18 4m -18 4m -k 50 -u,4m -u 50 -u,5a -18 5a -u,5u -18 5u -u 5u -a,5u -18 6s -18,6i -18 5u -u 6i -a##G -1pg -10q 8e,G -1r2 -10q 2q,G -21u -13a 5k,G -22i -130 5k,G -21a -13k 5s,G -260 -b8 28,G -260 -bi 2q,G -25m -bs 2q,G -24o -bs 2c,G -24e -b8 2f,G -24e -bi 9r,G -1kg 2q 1d,G -148 4c i,G -13k 84 2q,G -19s 7q 52,G -14s jc 12,G -13k j2 b8,G -12c jm b8,G -10q io 9r,G -10g h6 8e,G -tc bs 8e,G -tc aa 5k,G -ka 42 8e,G n4 aa b8,G q8 8o 90,G q8 5u 8e,G pk 4c 7j,G ne 3o 5k ---------------- ------- FR2C --------------------- Hey! Do you want to show your talent on FR2? Well not you can just ask me in my comment box if you want to join. This is a Brand New Club. There will be a competition everyweek to decide who is the best. I Shall post the winning map on my profile and the 5 runners up on my profile also. This contest will only start when we have enough people. Ranks! I Will rate each map out of 10 These points will determine your rank. 0 - Free Rider Newb 50 - Free rider pro 100 - Free rider hero 300 - Free rider owner 500 - Free rider god 1000 - Free rider Owner Hero God (LOL) ------ if you join ------ If you join please post this in your profile. Member of The FR2C Rank: (Enter rank) ------Rules----- No saying HAHA you have a rubbish map (Or something similar) No spamming your maps please a max of 3 maps per day. Or Unlimited maps in one post. No copying others map. I Will know i can tell what you are able to do and what your not able to do. Members! Williamthegamer - Leader - (No rank because no one can rank me lol) ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ Here are some Punk-O-Matic Song's Here's the Website for them game! Punk - O - Matic 2---3---3---9---9-----2---2---5-1---2---3---4---5-6-778---9---0---1---2---9----------0---9---9---c---c---bbbbbbbbc---1---2---3-bb4---5-6-7-8---9---a---bbbbc---c----------0---8---8-2-4-5-4-6-7-8-8-9-a---1---2---3---4---5-6-7-8---8---a---0---1---a---------- 801---2----1-2-----------------------------------------------------------------------010--2-----21-20---------------------------------------------------------------------020----0-2---100--------------------------------------------------------------------- 89891---1---1---0---1---3--83--81---1---2---2--84-9----------------------------------9c9c9---9---9---4---4---a---a---9---9---74747474-4c-----------------------------------a-a---2a--2a--1a13-a13-57535753-103-1034-2-4-2a--a---------------------------------- Please post your maps for FR2 in comment box! Or Your Punk - O - Matic Song Codes in the Comment Box! Read this it's interesting I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel! wood serf 10ap (X) silver serf 25ap (X) gold serf 100ap (X) wood squire 225ap (X) silver squire 400ap (X) gold squire 625ap (X) wood knight 1200ap (X) silver knight 1750 ap gold knight 2250 wood lord 3000 silver lord 3500 gold lord 4000 wood duke 4500 silver duke 5200 gold duke 6000 wood prince 7250 silver prince 8500 gold prince 10000 wood king 12000 silver king 14500 gold king 17500 Points chart: Post a comment on a forum: 1 AP Rate a game: 2 AP Post a comment on a game: 2 AP Post on a player profile: 2 AP(your own page works but may be deleted as spam) Get a merit:25 AP spend time on chat: 0 AP ..._...|..____________________, , ....../ `---___________----_____|] ...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ .....), ---.(_(__) / ....// (..) ), ----" ...//___// ..//___// .//___// the gun that i like the most--------------------------_--------------------------- -------------------------|**| ------------------------.[**] --------------------...---|#| ...-----------------------|#| -...----------------------|#| -----..--.-.--..--------_-|#]/ ---------------------(|**||#L ----------------------|**L00| ----------------------|#[]##.| ----------------------|#[]##.| ----------------------|#[]##.| ----------------------|####.| ----------------------|####.| ----------------------|####.| ----------------------[####.] -------------------__|****=;| -------------------||...|####| -----------------.-|}...|####\_______ -----------------.-|}...|#####.\*********\ --------------------..-|######\______\ --------------------..-|######|_ --------------------..-|######L.| --------------------..-|#######o\\ --------------------..-|#######..o\\\ --------------------._|#######\oo>/\ --------------------(0|######/..\oo////\ ----------------------.U.____U....\/////// --------------------------||###||.......\../ --------------------------|''|```|''|.........\/ --------------------------|*|....|*|\ --------------------------|*==.*\\\ --------------------------|*|........\.\ --------------------------|*|..........\.\ --------------------------|*|_____\.\ -------------------------(________) Need help? Well feel free to post it in my comment box . I'm always happy to help. GUESS WHAT IM BACK AND IM HERE TO STAY !!! FEEL FREE TO POST !!!! ALSO SEND ME SOME GOOD GAMES NOW AND THEN Games that i like: Castle Clout - Return Of The King ^^^^***~~~>>> "INTERNET INCREASES BRAVERY 1000%"

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