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Get Ranked by Armor Academy. I major in the public accounting/auditing stream. I am also an avid regular web surfer and procrastination still haunts me even at this day and age in my dreams. I am extremely excited to vote some time in June 2015 that could determine the fate of the future of Canada and which direction it goes. I am firm in my anti-Harper views and will attempt to stop a Con majority at all costs. I am terrible at selecting anything and therefore I also fear spending money. I am extremely cautious in my approach but wouldn't mind spending more on my education. Too bad it's not free :-( Currently I am addicted to Age of Empires Online beta since I got the access key and would play whenever I am not really busy. My gamertag is "craftytunez" if you wish to add me to play co-op together. My favourite quote(s): "Playing with fire is bad, playing with chemicals is worse."--W.T. "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"--T.S. Elliot Most inspirational person that I admire: Rick Mercer (you know, the one who likes to do crazy and humourous segments on his show RMR; Click here for his spectacular channel. Favourite game developer: Andy Moore (Victoria, B.C.) Favourite Flash game: SteamBirds: Survival (play it weekly; highest wave reached=61 with Allurbase; highest amount of copper earned=336,867 after 61 waves) Play SBS now! You can find Mr. Moore's blog here if you are curious about him or his feats on the Flash gaming scene. Recent news: SteamBirds 2 is due for beta release this Summer season. This is a sneak peek of what is to come in the beta version. I appreciate you for taking the time to visit my profile page and I hope that I have enlightened you on some aspects of life.

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