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~| Dreams are the start of making something reality. |~

Hey guys. I have decided to disband the SHADOW KNIGHTS CLAN because of nobody ever posting about info so they get points, and i dont get on much anymore. So yeah.

d 22 c 30 15 31,5f cq 5h dm 5j er 5g ft 52 h1 4j ho 3n hi,-18 j1 -1t jl -1g jv -q jv,51 r8 4u ru 5s rp 5s ra,fd -a3 g6 -a3 g6 -99,fd -a0 fd -9e,lb -co lv -cq,l9 -cn l1 -cl l6 -c3,nc -gk ob -gl,p6 -gl q7 -gl,sf -5s sj -55 tk -56,12k -5f vm 8q,tc jk uf h7,ti ja rm nc,sb k8 ra me,qp mv ph nc,93 1rr 67 241,9s 1s5 73 233,5v 200 7f 20e,60 1vr 72 1tp,6p 20c 73 1ug,7c 20a 7r 1tl 60 1sp,62 1ss 8u 1si,8n 1sh 6e 1rr,96 1rh 7a 1qo 9t 1p9 94 1rm##G on -gl 5k,G f3 qu b6,G de r0 8,B 72 r7 5,B 6i sd 12,B 51 sn 2q,B 3j rm 46

Artist auto track *IN PROGRESS*
-d 1p -8 26 -8 2g -p 2o -1a 2o,-35 46 -2l 4b,-2j 4b -24 2s,-3f 72 -ep 16v,-eo 16u -f4 17k,-f3 17i -fd 186 -fr 18q -gj 19g -hc 1a3,-m3 1b3 -mt 1ap -nj 1a0 -o0 194 -o9 187 -ob 17a,-3g 72 -2u 6l -29 6m -1o 6t -1b 7f -1p 7o -2d 7k -2u 7d -3c 73,-1d 7c -df 189,-df 187 -dq 18p,-hr 1bt -ih 1c4,-kd 1co -l8 1ck -m6 1cb -n1 1bu -np 1bi -ob 1b0 -oo 1ab -p2 19m -p9 190 -pb 18a -pb 17l,-pa 17k -pd 170 -os 16n -oa 16u -oc 17f,-he 1a3 -hu 1ae -il 1al -ja 1av -k0 1b6 -km 1ba -lc 1b9 -lv 1b7,-kg 1cq -jm 1cj -iu 1cc -i5 1bu -h4 1bh -g9 1b4 -ff 1ah -es 19s -e9 198 -do 18m##B -oc 17c b5,B -ng 19s ar,B -m3 1b4 9v

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