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  • AIM: To become one of the best guitarists ever.
  • MSN: uhhhh www.msn.com?
  • Yahoo: ya hoooooo oo oo
  • XBOX Live: no (throws Xbox out the window and hits a car)
  • Wii: Ya and i love legend of zelda twilight princess
  • PSN: Not really
  • SteamID: I like to let off steam while playin games


Hello everyone reading this! I am just a guy who loves this site and flash games! I am an athlete who plays football, soccer, basketball, and swim. I am also a musician. I have been playing guitar for years, and I just love getting better!
My favorite bands are Coheed and Cambria (of course!) Bullet for My Valentine, Into Eternity and Sevendust. I can play almost all of their songs!

I am a full devoted Catholic, and I would love to debate on anything about religion. Actually, I'll debate almost everything!
I will come back to using Coheed. I actually never "left" the site. I just was using a different user. If you really want to know, i will tell you, but not in the open...
If you are going to tell me that I have been passed, save your breath. I know that I got passed and I couldn't care less. This is supposed to be a place to have fun, not get points.
I have just finished my first walkthrough, and I found it quite fun to do. If you need a guide, come to me and I may just go make one!

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