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  • MSN: amyhaha@live.com
  • Yahoo: ya!!! \\(>w< \\)
  • XBOX Live: a living box?
  • Wii: yes, with 56 games (>w< )
  • PSN: ps. I don't like ps3 (=''=)
  • SteamID: steam~~~XD


allo ^w^
this is my old account ^w^
new one is here

started playing games on this site since 2007..... Then I made an account cues I want to rate a game..........

Today (3/13/10) is the first day I've learn that there's a forum in this site and how to get an armatar!!!!! (screamming in anger!!!! And I missed ALL the special armatars!!!!!! Like the animal special!!!!!)

my nickname is Wulfy
so call me wulfy
not wolfy.....

And it's my username in mangafox ^w^
(.com, not .net)

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