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Don't write 'added for *something*' anymore cause I don't add back. I think that the 'friends' list should be for friends not for people adding you just for perks in some game or something like that. Here's my first attempt at drawing something with the keyboard. :D /\ ( I I ) - - - - - I - - - - - I / \ / \ / \ Its an stick men with a party hat. :D (Well... it should be anyway). So, haven't updated my profile for ages, so here's another 'free' keyboard drawing. /\ I I I I I I I I _I I_ I_ _I I I O Its a sword, and I know its poorly drawn. But you knew it was a sword and that's all that matters. :D And here's a third I had for ages but didn't put up for some reason. _ /- -\ | ] | \ ,..,/ \ / Its a Vampire XD

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