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.The Goth Club.

We accept all seen, goth, and emos, as well as people who love metal & veggies !

Leader : Skipper
Co. Leader : TheMetalGrunt
Head Recruiter: emokid
Head of discussion: emokid

We are dedicated to discussing DEATH META| and raising animal awareness as well as environmental, all while using elaborate grammar.

You can join if you like EITHER of those Just ask Skipper8656568 & emokid first!

There are no ratings because I do not want to discriminate against people with low A.p. I will just simply list the order that people join in.

1. Skipper8656568
2. Carlie !
3. Alguzara
5. BunnyHop
6. Hojoko
7. GaryxJoe
8. Retribution_999
9. ThexDancingxMuffin
10. Skilltizer
11. necromancer
12. Kingofgames
13. RadioactiveChi
14. king_of_evil
15. emokid

O.k. so to stay on topic lets keep it like this;

Put a "1" in front if you are talking about animals
Put a "2" in front if you are talking about metal
Put a "3" in front if you are talking about the enviroment

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