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I will be adding a new word to the dictionary everyday to increse your stupidti--Knowledge!I will also add one new Octocan use everyday!

Radda: the meaning to radaize someone.
HHTFM: Ha Ha thats funny man
Fail: well im not sure the meaning, but i linked a page to a fail video, just press F13.
Gladiator:Glad you ate her.
Be a Dwarf: Get a beard!
Take a Octo: Get an octocan , it helps with everything.
Panzing: going nuts with a tank.
Obooma: Exploding presidents , Caution stay at 50 ft length.
Raddize: to freely Radtoriate someone
Famoshika: To be a famous, Shikanofush.
ELF! : mini dude on rampage.
___Lbs blast radius: means that any thing that is ___ in a ___ mile radius will explode!
Raditoriate: To do a LvL 5 radical radda
Lol: Laugh out Lava
Rofl: rolling on flaming lava
Admin: a 1min advertisment
Mod: a gun mod


1: it can pcik the best deals for you!
2: Tanks . It can turn into a TANK!
3: Auto number. The new numbers go like this. one, two,, three, OCTOCAN ,four , five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten
4: it comes in 58 colours! purple, blue, red,grey, pink, orange, black, white, brown, yellow, green....
5: World domination! it can create 8 Nuclear bombs a day, BUT if you get the Octocan v2 you will get 16 bombs a day!
This is my un-realistic zombie Cat story.
This is the Character.
Gender: (Male
Breed: Saber tooth tiger
Age: 25 years
Desc: im the size of an adult tiger, and im dangerous
Hiss: pee-your-pants-scary
I was hunting out some cats, but then some of the cats were zombies, so iran away, but they followed. I ran to an abadon apartment, I went on to a bed and slept.I woke up later, and then i look out a window , and saw Zombie humans with BAZOOKAS! they started shooting and i ran through the apartment, then I was stuck in a hallway , the only exit was the window, so i Jumped!The zombies shot the place i was just at, so there is an explosion! i land on my feet running far away, but then i hear zombie chopters, Mini guns start shooting , but then i go under a zombie free zone.in the Zombie free zone i meet a commando penguin named Pingy. I ask pingy if he wanted to join my journey. He agreed. So Me and Pingy Went out the safe zone and then got chased by a jeep with a mounted gun. I let pingy jump on my back and he used his gun against the zombies. Then I saw a cliff, the jeep was getting closer so i had to jump. So i jumped! Pingy threw an explosive and the cliff EXPLODED! The zombies were off our trail. We saw an Miltary Air station. We got in a Helicopter. I drove the copter around looking for survivors. We Saw a HUGE explosion. i went that way with pingy sniping any surviving zombie, We noticed the explosion was from a sucidal plane. KA-BOOM a sucidal planes hits several metres away. i get back in the copter, but million of sucidal planes keep coming.i dodge them off with my heli, I dodge left , dodge right. The planes finally stoped. In the rubble we found an un-infected Polar bear Cop. The polar bear was named Polaris. He joined our adventure. The jeep that chased us before came back. we got in the copter. Polaris used a pistol while Pingy used his machiene gun. I set us low on to the ground but still hovering. The jeep was chasing us. i set the heli copter with explosives. I pused Polaris and Pingy out the heli and i jumped. the jeep and heli collided and EXPLODED!!!!My group started to walk by foot. We found a barrels of oil, so we took it and brought it to a nearby Zombie free zone. we shot the barrel of oil and it exploded . I then felt taller. I was back to human! everyone was back to human, we have found a cure ! but then we relize the barrel was full of a different liquid and there was very few people in the Zombie free zone. My group and several other humans went to the place we found the barrel. There were 3 barrels left. we took them to the Zombie free zone. but when we reached to the Zombie free are , there were Zombies! My group shot all the zombies! the zombies left. we relized that the explosion, destroyed the shield. My whole team went to the military air station. we put the barrels in the station and 5 humans guarded it. The rest got into groups of 3 and went into the chopters, We look around but we got chased by 4 zombie helicopters.

This is my story it will continue later.

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