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read this
-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------In Jesus

obviously i am a buckeye fan
i think they are the best d--- team in the land lol
if u think im crazy and that usc and michigan (and i mean the entire state) are not the saddest thing you ever saw feel free to yell at me but relize im still right

(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!

My Shift 3 lvls


My FR2 Map (not finshed)

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1f 276 1e,gt 1h h1 -62 fk 1e,h1 -4s ef 1h,h1 -3c d7 1h,gt -1m bq 1e,gv -b a3 1c,h2 -62 ia 1c,h1 -4n jm 1a,h1 -3c ks 17,gt -1m m6 17,gv -9 nh 1c,1ln 1f 1lq -dv 1j9 1b,1ln -bk 1h9 19,1ln -9o 1f5 18,1ln -7d 1d1 14,1lp -55 1ar 13,1ln -2d 181 13,1lk 3 159 16,1lr -ds 1o4 16,1lo -bk 1q7 19,1lp -9j 1s6 11,1lm -7d 1u9 18,1lm -50 20k 18,1lm -2d 22s 16,1lm 1 24m 18,273 1a 53h 2c,42i 1v 444 -149,441 -149 3tq 1h,3o8 1k 43u -v4,43p -qe 3jf 1j,3f0 1j 43d -lc,438 -gf 3ah 1e,432 -bu 34u 1g,42r -73 2vd 1d,42i -28 2qh 1f,443 -143 47h 1s,4bg 1v 444 -uh,43o -q5 4f6 1k,4ip 23 43d -le,43a -gg 4n1 1m,436 -bm 4s1 1v,42p -71 50m 1s,42p -2b 55j 1u,53e 2a 636 21,6c8 1u 6pv s,6c7 1t 6fn 14,6c2 s 6ek 18,6ce p 6f6 8,6bt -5 6ei -r,6bv -4 6ek -5,6bq -1c 6ed -26,6br -1c 6ef -1f,6da 13 6cc 1b,6ca 1b 6dc 1g,6d5 -7 6c5 6,6c5 8 6dh k,6cp -1c 6bm -t 6d2 -k,61q 21l 61u 22o 624 23p 62j 24v 63f 26a 648 27f 65c 28k 66l 29u 67t 2ba 696 2ci 6ah 2dj 6bp 2ec 6cr 2f0,6ct 2f0 7p2 2fp,6lr 2f5 6n3 2e7,6n3 2e5 6sd 2e3 6tj 2f5,6mi 2em 6su 2em,-53 da 61m 21l,7p2 2fo 7qd 2f1,7tu 2ga 8oo 2gn,8oo 2gl 8pg 2gf 8q8 2g4 8r2 2fi 8rl 2es 8s8 2e2 8sk 2d9 8ss 2c6 8sv 2b6 8sr 2a2 8sg 294 8rv 288 8ra 27a,8r9 27d 8qk 26u 8pt 26k 8p3 26e 8o8 26a 8nb 269,8na 26a 884 266,886 266 87g 263 86r 25u 868 25i 85p 250 85e 249 857 23g 854 22p 857 220 85f 217 85u 20i 86g 201 875 1vl 87t 1vg,87v 1vf 8tu 1vs,8tt 1vq a2d 20i,9q1 20d 9qd t5 9n2 20a,9ka 20a 9qa vu,9qc 12n 9hs 205,9fp 204 9q8 16a,9q8 194 9d3 201,9aa 1vs 9q6 1cd,9q6 1fc 97l 200,957 1vt 9q3 1ip,9q5 1lg 92c 1vr,8vd 1vp 9q0 1oq,9q3 1r1 8sl 1vp,8q8 1vo 9q0 1tu,9qd t7 9so 20e,a2b 20h alb 20m,9qc 101 9vn 20a,a2g 20j 9qe 12q,9qa 16b a5j 20g,a7r 20f 9qb 198,9q8 1ce aag 20g,acp 20h 9q8 1ff,9q6 1il afj 20k,ai6 20k 9q5 1li,9q3 1op ako 20j,al7 20n b6e 20p,9q2 1r0 anl 20m,aq3 20m 9q0 1tu,b6c 20r cse 20r,bo1 20o bp6 1vl bv6 1vn c02 20m,cg2 20q cg3 1sk,cg3 1sm cf9 20m,cg2 1th ceh 20l,cg2 1u8 cdl 20l,cg2 1v1 ccq 20m,cg0 1vo cbs 20l,cg5 1sm cgs 20q,cg5 1tk chn 20q,cg0 1ua cib 20m,cg2 1v4 cj2 20o,cg3 1vn ck2 20o,b9k 20r bct 1ve bfv 20m,5qs 1vs 630 21m,1ru uf 1ou t3,1ou t2 1sf tr 1q2 sm,1q2 sk 1sm t0,1sm st 1pi rb 1sr rt,-53 da -sp 5a,1e5 qr 1rq qs,csb 20q efr 1v8,efp 1vc ltn 1ml,oo2 b1g p4j b7j,p4l b7j pmu b7q pnk b7n poe b7c ppg b6o pqe b64 pra b5d ps3 b4m pso b3u ptb b34 pto b2a pu3 b1h pud b0p pup avp pv8 auk#7c -a2 6v -9v,64 -9c 4l -8m,7f -a3 3q -8c,3v -8h 7v -8c 2v -5e,94 -ab a4 -94,9c -a2 9j -av,9l -at aa -ar,aa -av ae -bm b7 -bj c0 -aq,ck -d8 bf -cf cf -bc,cg -bc de -ca,cg -dg dt -cc,cd -g0 fe -d0,dv -h7 gp -e8,11j -f3 13u -af,11j -f3 14a -dm 14a -gs 16l -ce,18c -f0 18r -gs,18r -gq 16b -fs,16e -fp 182 -de 1b1 -f8,18h -fa 17j -ec,1d7 -ja 1b6 -j2,1b9 -io 1an -gn,1aq -gs 1dm -gn,1dm -gv 1ed -hq,1ed -ht 1ag -mg,1eu -ki 1ge -it,1df -ls 1e0 -lq,1h2 -m1 1im -k3,1im -k5 1k3 -ks 1ik -ne,1ki -nt 1m7 -li,1l6 -nc 1l6 -of,1l6 -ok 1mh -oc,1mc -op 1me -pn 1nm -pa,1nm -p8 1p6 -n2,3i8 -14j 3mg -10h,3mi -10h 3m8 -13q 3or -11m,3or -11o 3nb -18a,3ob -18v 3s8 -1cp,3q2 -1ag 3u2 -167,3t9 -1e1 41s -19i,3t7 -1e6 417 -1lg,3vg -1c9 422 -1fd,491 -1gn 48n -1hc,41v -1ne 45o -1o0 46o -1n4,46v -1n0 461 -1kd 477 -1j0,5ll -4e 5ob -61,5n8 -5c 5p9 -2b,5ou -63 5qh -32,5q9 -3l 5qh -4u 5r4 -57,5r4 -55 5ro -3r,5sa -4t 5t8 -5k,5t8 -5m 5sd -68,5sa -65 5rk -5f 5tl -45 5t5 -49,5ti -47 5u6 -50,5q9 -1f 5s2 0 5sm -11,5r7 -10 5rr -1q,5qg -1i 5rp -2s,5sp -29 5ts -n,5ta -1q 5tg -2q 5u9 -37,5u8 -36 5us -1i,5vv -3r 5uv -3h,5uv -3g 5vc -1p,5ve -1u 60e -2i,5v6 -61 60k -31,621 -3g 625 -37,605 -63 62f -83,627 -7p 61k -4t 62s -5k,6g4 36 6dq 3f 6gc 5j,6g9 5j 6dg 5t,6iq 49 6ha 49 6hd 5q 6j6 5g 6in 48,6hf 5q 6hf 7u,6kc 41 6kc 59,6jv 2f 6k7 31,6l4 2c 6le 5b,6l9 4o 6lj 41,6la 4i 6m3 56,6n3 4o 6no 4q 6mv 3u 6mq 4n 6nt 5e,6p5 3q 6oh 3u,6oe 41 6p4 4d,6p5 4d 6oc 4o,6iu 2r 6h3 1r,6h3 1u 6h8 30 6hs 1h 6h2 1r,6h8 2m 6hi 1m,6h7 25 6hc 1m,7jb 278 7fq 28o,7fs 28o 7kn 28q,7kj 28q 7gr 2as,7ko 25u 7lr 27l,7o0 25k 7mk 261,7mk 263 7n3 279 7og 26n,7od 26l 7nu 25k,7ou 25m 7po 252,7qb 24a 7r4 25u,7qh 24o 7qq 23v 7ra 247,7ra 249 7rh 237,7rh 23c 7sk 24p,7ti 22s 7sh 23c,7si 23e 7td 24p 7u4 249,7u8 245 7tg 22s,1jn n7 1nb mt,1lf n3 1lr pj,1nq o6 1mu o3,1ms o3 1mk ou,1mn ou 1nu p8,1nu p1 1nk o0,1oj mm 1ov p3,1qp o8 1po o3,1po o5 1po p6 1qp p6,1qm mh 1qt p4,1su po 1rn rf,1rc ps 1sb ql,1u4 pi 1t9 pq 1tg qq,1ti qo 1uc ql,1u4 p9 1uh qq,-85 -2i -7m -k,-85 -2p -6d -16,-6d -15 -71 -3k,-5i -2i -66 -2g -62 -1h,-61 -1i -59 -1o,-5a -1t -5j -2m,-4m -46 -3g -1a,-4r -2b -2s -40,-6r 5 -7j p -72 1v,-72 1t -5u 14,-6v -3 -5d 1c,-5r 2e -7a 33,-79 34 -5n 3f -6u 3v,-5i 1u -4n 3c,-50 2s -4d 2c -44 30,-3d 1p -42 27 -3o 2q -34 2b,-3j 1l -33 29,-37 1b -2a 28,-2v 1j -2f v,-2d -7 -k 27,-1v 13 -1i f,-3p 3k -4c 43,-4b 43 -3s 4k -3d 49,-36 3b -2r 3t -2c 3k -2l 30,-25 29 -1g 35,-25 2q -1g 2g,-95 -j -bm 31,-95 21 -bi 2v,-bi 2t -bb m,-7b 4k -9m 7t,-9i 7s -7o 76,-9i 7s -9m 5k#B 8me 1um 2q,B 8m8 1uo 3a,B 8ls 1uo pa,B 8l8 1up pa,B 8kd 1up pa,G 88v 1tn s4,G 86r 1tr rb,G 84t 1up qn,G 83s 210 pl,G 83n 238 ok,G 846 252 oi,G 85k 26e np,G 875 26p 11h,T 152 2u,T 88d 26q,B 8lq 2fs pl,B 8nc 2g1 pi,G 8of 27t 11o,G 8pj 287 11o,G 8qg 28o mp,G 8r5 29k o1,G 8rf 2am pa,G 8rj 2bs p4,G 8r5 2d2 q0,G 8qe 2e7 po,G 8po 2f3 qn,G 8ou 2fn qn,S 7pf 2et,B 2j 9 14e,B 110 c 14i,B 125 8 149,B 2ka h 14h,B 2la h 14i,B 2m7 g 14q,T 60l u,G cfp 1q8 dl,G ci6 1oc gs,G ci8 1pd gs,G ci6 1q2 gs,G ci6 1r0 gs,G cfi 1r2 e2,G cfa 1ou dv,G cf5 1pf e0

my autos:
-7 5o -h 6a,-h 68 -18 68,-63 bh -5p c1,-5p c0 -4u bu,-2v ck -2l ck,h gq 5 he,5 hf -l hf,2s od 2d oa,4m or 4d pa 3r pa,am 10l aa 118,e1 171 dr 17j d3 17l,6f 19r 6s 19r,5e 1bq 53 1c6 4b 1c6,-2g 1oj -24 1oj,-8b 2bp -7n 2ci -5r 2d1,-5r 2cv 82 2ft,fs 2hf fg 2i3 el 2ht,194 2q4 18r 2qc,2dj 3j7 2d6 3jr,2d6 3jo 2ci 3jh,2cr 5fn 2do 5gn,2do 5gk 2g2 5gn 2gi 5g0##G 2fa 5e1 7a,G 2e6 5e8 3o,G 2f8 5f9 9v,G 2ed 5fj n,B 2dp 5ep 30,B 2f8 5dj 6l,B 2du 5dt 4l,B 2fo 5ei 97,B 2fm 5fg 9b,B 2f1 5ga b2,B 2do 5fn 22,B 2fn 5ge ad,B 2e9 5gb b2,S 2f3 5bh,S 2ds 5bi,S 2el 5av,G 2eo 5eh 5k,G 2g2 5fl 92,G 2ft 5es 8o,G 2fq 5dt 7b,G 2ej 5dk 57,G 2dk 5ea 3h,G 2ds 5fa 2g,G 2er 5g3 av,T 2es 5fm,B 2fs 5cv 79,B 2dd 5d2 46,B 2eh 5d3 5g,B 2g9 5g1 9o,B 2d9 5fm 1b,B 2g9 5dk 7g,B 2d4 5dv 47,B 2gf 5f0 99,B 2co 5et 28,B 70 2ev 2q,B 6t 2ep 3h,B 6v 2eq 3a,B 74 2eu 33,B 75 2eu 33,B 6v 2es 3a,B 70 2eu 38,B g sg 2v,B i sc 30,B k sh 2d,B l sj 2k

-18 1i 18 1i,7f 1t 7a 29 6u 2g,9e 3k 96 40,96 3u 8l 3r,bj 7u bh 8g b4 8n ah 8d,17 ef 1e e8 1o ec,-2t dd -2i d5 -23 d7,-6g a5 -68 9m -5n 9o -5k 9v,-54 6 -5j 6 -5o v -5f 18,-1u -ag -2a -an -2q -ad -2u -9u,63 j6 6b jj 6o jj 74 j8,pb 17c pk 17m,pl 17m q9 17o qi 177,ml 1eu ms 1f7 nc 1fb nn 1f0,en 1r4 ep 1rf f1 1ro fb 1rp,h8 2bk gt 2bq gd 2bk g2 2av,it 2hr j5 2id jr 2ig k6 2ht,n8 2ig nl 2iq,rj 2qf rp 2qo s4 2qq sd 2qd,u0 2s9 ud 2sm uv 2t3 vj 2te 10a 2tq 116 2u9 11v 2um 12s 2v3 13q 2ve 14o 2vo 15l 2vs 16i 2vu 17q 303 18u 309 1a9 30h,1a6 30g 1as 30l 1bg 30t 1c6 310 1cr 311,1dt 30i 1dm 30u,1ij 2t9 1ih 2tv,1id 2u4 1i0 2u8 1hj 2u1#1g0 30h 1g5 329 1h8 328,1g5 31b 1gj 316,1g0 30a 1h5 300,1hu 318 1hu 323,1i0 31g 1i8 31d 1ia 321,1k4 316 1j3 318 1j9 326,1j8 326 1k6 324,1jv 2v2 1k6 329,ac 9d 9i 8u,9i 8u 9a 7n,9a 7i aj 6a,aj 6a c4 64 d3 7b cp 8m ae 9d,4f bd 6m dn e3 e4,-p f7 -o e4,-p e4 -15 e9,-l e5 -h eg,-2o f3 -4d gr,-2q f6 -18 ha,-2o f7 -3h li,-3v bp -3l bh -36 bi -32 bt,-4j 7n -53 7h,-53 7h -4t 7o,-52 7i -50 77,-39 -16 -33 -3r,-34 -3o -3l -3g,-31 -3m -2s -3b,-2h -8d -33 -7p,-2j -8c -22 -7v,-2h -8a -2h -6v,-1v -ad -22 -9u,2l -4o 22 -4n,22 -4o 28 -4t,22 -4l 27 -4h,n9 16e sc 179,qk 10r qr 12v,qk 10q rs 102 sd 115,sb 115 qp 11k,s1 11r s1 12i,s1 11u sm 11h,te 11u u5 11s,u6 11p tf 110,tf 112 ta 11k tk 12j ua 12o,v4 110 u8 115 v7 11s,v7 11r ug 128,10i 10q vq 10t,vq 10u 10h 11h,10i 11h vq 120,ru 136 u8 139 rv 15d u6 15b,us 154 uq 15e,vl 153 vh 15e,10h 153 10f 15i,11q 156 11s 15g,d1 1et cm 1gi,cm 1gf eb 1gn,eb 1gf eo 1ej d0 1et,fh 1el ff 1ga,fh 1eq gb 1eo gb 1f5,cs 1i2 d8 1jl,cu 1i5 dl 1i2 ds 1j0,ee 1hr eo 1is fi 1im,f2 1h7 fh 1in,ga 1gn gn 1j1,fm 1hh h1 1he,h9 1gf hp 1ii,hl 1ht ic 1ho ic 1ia,j6 1hg j8 1ia,ik 1gb is 1gi,jq 1hb jv 1ia,jq 1hb k9 1hb,kb 1h9 kc 1i2,lf 1h6 kt 1h4 l0 1ia,l0 1i7 lq 1i0,lq 1ht ln 1gn,lk 1gp l7 1gu,lp 1ht lu 1k6,lu 1k4 kr 1k4,el 1js eo 1ln,el 1kv f5 1kq f3 1lf,ga 1kg fk 1ke,fk 1kg fk 1ld,fk 1lc gd 1l3,g8 1kc gb 1l0,g8 1kv gd 1l7,h7 1js h6 1ms,h7 1k2 hu 1k2,hu 1k4 hj 1kt,h4 1kv hj 1kt,ia 1jo ik 1mj,id 1k2 jb 1jt,j9 1kb j9 1kq,j8 1kq if 1ko,k9 1k1 kj 1k1,kf 1jv k1 1jf jq 1kb,jq 1k7 l5 1lc,k7 1k1 js 1k1,mi 1jn ml 1kl,mj 1js n4 1jt n7 1kj,o2 1jl p4 1jn,p1 1jn nt 1l3,nu 1l0 p3 1kq#B 1ag 2vu 31,B s0 2rf 24,B kr 2h8 52,B kq 2h9 47,B ko 2h8 4d,B n2 1g8 7i,B nc 1g5 7j,B nl 1g0 7g,B nv 1fp 79,B o8 1fj 71,B oe 1fe 6m,B om 1f6 6s,B jh 130 b8,B jc 12l b8,B j7 12b b8,B fb v2 b0,B c7 s9 b1,B 35 -3a 2h,G -2i -7m 5b,G 48 ek 0,B bp 94 88,B -k g 2k,B -i c 30,B -8 g 2u

If u hav any questions about Armor Games feel free to ask me ive been playin here for a long time

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