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  • Yahoo: The only chocolate soda, or is that Yoohoo?
  • PSN: Ber1nger
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Me as a gold king -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to this link to play a game that I made on YoYo and tell me what u think of it on my profile: My auto #1: -18 1i 18 1i,-4k -66 -1q -68,j -9j 19 -9o 2c -bn,9 -1f2 -10 -1g0,a -1f4 q -1f2,m -1us 87 -23k,18j -1iu 19n -1iu,1kh -mc 1la -mu,1jv -cf 1ko -ch 1ko -df 1ke -df,1fh -64 1v6 7g,230 c4 237 ci 23p ch,29f iv 28v j7 28g j0 28f ig,2bb os 2c2 or 2cn on 2d8 oi 2du os 2ec pj 2em qc 2f5 r8 2fm s4 2gc t0,23r 113 2f5 1et,2n3 1tt 2ma 1tt 2mb 1ss,30u 2kl 332 2nr,3pm 1u0 3oi 1rg,3pj 1tt 3pr 1u5,40n -15d 40h -15s 40p -16a,40o -16b 415 -168 41e -16h 41c -16v,41b -170 41q -17a,50d 71s 4vb 71u 4v3 702,50a 905 55m 944 5hc 944##B 5e4 93a 8c,B 5a4 93b 2q,T 5bu 93a,G 3et 4ve 3j,G 3gj 4v0 42,G 3hr 4ts 4a,G 3j5 4te 43,G 3l9 4tl 4b,G 3mk 4ta 44,G 3p3 4t7 47,G 3oe 4ta 47,G 4f2 -2jc sc,G 4e5 -2j4 rt,G 4dk -2it s4,G 4d6 -2j7 s8,G 4cj -2j7 s4,G 4cc -2it rp,G 4c0 -2ih r5,G 4bi -2i1 r9,B 4b0 -2hl oo,T 41h -16s,T 40t -160,G 32t 2n7 11o,G 84 -22u s7,B 2i -1vj oa,B 1k -1uv nr,B 11 -1ub o2,G -c 11 11o,G 3qt 4t8 ft,G 3s2 4sd fr My Auto #2: -18 1i 18 1i,-7q 17 -7l 1h -74 1h,-156 -5b -16o -32,-16o -33 -1b4 3d,-1q4 bf -1sf bf,-1sf bh -24p bf,-24p bh -249 c7,-263 g5 -20a jg,-1ue lo -1ti ln,-1tg lj -1tb l7,-1rc q6 -1s6 q9 -1s8 pk,-1q6 vg -1q2 vv -1pk 105 -1p5 102 -1op vn,-1lb 1j9 -1jk 1mi,-1go 1rp -1g3 1rp,-11g 2lr -115 2mf -10o 2n3 -107 2nh -vi 2nv -us 2o7 -u6 2ob,-oh 2rb -nt 2r1,-6l 35a -6t 35s -7e 367 -81 36f -8k 36q -97 377,-bn 3as -b1 3as -ai 3ah,-d3 3fs -f5 3hk,-f5 3hh -fn 3hs -gb 3i5 -h6 3i9 -i2 3ia -iv 3ib,-p0 3m0 -oc 3lu,-p0 3lt -p5 3l5,-n6 3s0 -lt 3ru,-pr 46c -b0 465,-b2 467 -c 462,-45 4c3 -47 4jc,3s 4c3 3v 4ja,1h 4db 2a 4d1,1g 4dd 14 4di,29 4cu 2o 4c0,-10 4kp -p 4l9 -f 4lm 0 4ln 9 4lb,-6 4sm 32 4uj,5o 55h 6s 53q 7l 55f 8e 53v 9r 55t##T 7o 51u,B -ov 458 2q,B -v9 2ng 3g,G -242 bk 5k,G -1gr ab b3,B -14j -53 6n,G s m 8e hard short map -1u 1e -1c 24 -r 2o -6 3c k 3p 1f 43 29 4a 36 4g 43 4j 52 4m 5t 4m 6r 4m 7v 4r 97 52 an 5a c3 5f di 5j f6 5m gu 5m in 5l,kk 5k mh 5i,mi 5f qn 3i,mg 5h r1 5a sh 4e s6 42,s4 42 qp 4r qi 5a,qp 4r r1 55,rb 4b q1 3s,r4 4h pn 3v,r8 4b rg 4b,qn 3j s4 42,or 4g p8 5e,ps 42 ph 5c,p5 49 pf 59,q3 42 pn 5a,nc 52 or 5f,n1 59 nq 5f,qv 54 r3 55,1a9 85 1ag 8q 1ar 9h 1b8 a4 1c0 ak 1cs av 1dt b5 1f3 ba 1g9 be 1hg bh 1is bj 1kd bl 1lr bo 1nc bs 1p0 c0 1qn c6 1si cb,1r6 gj 25n n2,25m n3 258 nl 24j o5 23t or 23d pl 22v qk 22l rm 22b st 21q u8 219 vi 20o 111 209 12n 1vv 14k 1vu 16j 204 18k 20i 1an 213 1c9 21o 1dq 22i 1fa 23f 1gn 24g 1i1 25j 1j9 26o 1ke 27v 1lj 297 1ml 2ah 1nl 2bt 1oj 2d9 1pf 2en 1q9 2g6 1r2 2hm 1ro 2j7 1sc 2kp 1st 2mb 1tc 2nu 1tq 2ph 1u5 2r4 1ud 2so 1uk 2ud 1uo 301 1uq 31m 1us 33a 1us,337 1uu 3ft 1uu,3pi 1qh 3pn 1r0 3pi 1vh 3p3 1ve 3ob 1vt 3l3 1t4,3pn 1r0 3g9 1va 3ft 1v0,3m0 1sl 3p3 1ve,3p3 1r2 3p1 1ve,3o9 1vt 3pi 1vt 3pd 1vc,3gb 1va 3nv 1vt 3o9 1vt,3j2 1u3 3mp 1vq,3nv 1rr 3nm 1u5,45s 1q3 4j5 1q3 4ua 234,45s 1qi 4j4 1qf,4j4 1qh 4u5 23g 57i 26r,4u5 23g 4u8 232,4j5 1qh 4j5 1q3,4ua 232 57n 26d 57i 26r,57g 26r 5jl 275,57n 26b 5jh 26i,5jg 26i 5jl 26i 5jk 274,5lf 274 5lg 200,5lv 200 5lu 273,5lg 274 5lu 273,5lh 200 5q2 201,5q1 201 5sv 201,5sv 200 60g 200,-18 18 18 18,9m 4c a8 4h ap 4f ba 4j c2 4l cq 4l dj 4l ei 4m ff 4m g9 4o h3 4q ht 4r il 4q jc 4o,3h4 1uq 3g6 1v4,3gq 1v4 3gg 1uq,3h4 1uq 3ho 1u6 3ou 1r2 3pi 1r2,3ou 1r2 3pi 1qo,3ki 1su 3ki 1t8,3m4 1sa 3mo 1sa,3me 1sa 3ki 1t8,3he 1uq 3ju 1t8 3ki 1t8,3l6 1su 3oa 1vo 3lg 1su,3l6 1t8 3oa 1vo,3lq 1su 3oa 1vo,3lq 1su 3lg 1sk,3m4 1sk 3oa 1vo,3m4 1su 3o0 1ve,3m4 1su 3lq 1sk,3n2 1sa 3nm 1u6 3nc 1sa 3nm 1sa 3nm 1ts,3nm 1sa 3o0 1sk,3mo 1sk 3nm 1u6,3mo 1su 3nm 1u6,3mo 1su 3mo 1sk 3n2 1sa 3nc 1sa,3j0 1u6 3o0 1vo,3j0 1u6 3ju 1u6 3o0 1vo,3ju 1u6 3k8 1ug,3jk 1ts 3o0 1vo,3ju 1ti 3o0 1vo,60g 202 66e 25m 6q4 27i 736 27i 736 278,6cm 25c 6q4 26k,3pg 1qg 3ft 1v0,3h4 1ve 3j0 1u6 3lg 1vo,3j0 1u6 3gq 1v4,3j0 1u6 3me 1vo,3ks 1vo 3j0 1u6,3j0 1ve 3j0 1u6,3i2 1ve 3j0 1u6,3ja 1ve 3j0 1ug 3j0 1u6,77i 2d6 7ci 2d6 7ci 2i6 7gu 2i6 7gu 2mi 7qk 2qu 7v0 2rs 832 2sg 88m 2sg 88m 2r8,736 2bk 778 2bk 778 2d6 77i 2d6,88m 2qa 85i 2qa 83c 2qa,88m 2qa 88m 2r8,kk 5k io 5k#47v 1kn 464 1kn 464 1m9 47s 1m9 47s 1nl 464 1nl,48p 1kt 48p 1nl,4aq 1l0 49k 1l3 49k 1nc 4b3 1n9 4b6 1kt 4an 1kq,4bo 1l5 4cl 1n6 4d7 1m6 4dl 1mq 4e7 1kq,4fg 1kk 4fa 1m6,4f1 1mq 4fm 1mq,1na 7g 1mc 7g 1mc 84 1na 84 1na 8o 1mc 8o,1nk 7g 1nk 8o 1o8 8o,1oi 7g 1oi 8o 1pg 8o 1pg 7g 1oi 7g,1pq 7g 1q4 8o 1qe 8e 1qo 8o 1r2 7g#B 84a 2s6 2q,B 88c 2s6 8e,B i4 5a 2q,T 72i 26u,T 5vs 1vo,T 5vn 1v,G 24j 1gc 1kq,G 2aj 1lo 1j3,G 238 1br 1ke,G 22d 15k 1lb,G 22d 110 1kv,G 23a t5 1la,G 23r r3 1k7,G 24m q6 1le,G 25j pb 1lj,G 26d no 1lk,G 25v oe 1ln,G 285 nh 1ku,G 27p mr 1kd,O 3q6 1r2,O 3qq 1r2,O 3r4 1r2,O 3ro 1r2,O 3sc 1r2,O 3t0 1r2,O 3tu 1r2,O 3ui 1r2,O 404 1r2,O 40e 1r2,O 3vq 1r2,O 3v6 1r2,O 3u8 1r2,O 3vg 1r2,O 40o 1r2,O 40o 1r2,O 41c 1r2,O 41m 1r2,O 42a 1qo,O 42a 1r2,O 42a 1r2,O 42k 1r2,O 42u 1r2,O 43s 1r2,O 446 1r2,O 446 1r2,O 43s 1r2,O 42u 1r2,O 3vq 1rm,O 3vg 1rm,O 3us 1rm,O 3us 1s0,O 3v6 1sa,O 3ps 1rm,O 3s2 1su,O 3ro 1sa,O 3ro 1t8,O 3ro 1sk,O 3sm 1ti,O 3sm 1t8,O 3s2 1rm,O 3ta 1sk,O 3u8 1ti,O 3u8 1ti,O 3u8 1ts,O 3u8 1ts,O 3t0 1ti,O 3sm 1su,O 3tk 1su,O 3u8 1sk,O 3ta 1sa,O 3tu 1sk,O 3t0 1s0,B 3m4 1rm 13n,G 5g8 25m 14i,G 5l8 1uq 17c,G 5l8 1v4 17c,B 5l8 1vo 14i,T 882 2s6,T 882 2rs,T 882 2ri,T 882 2r8,T 882 2qu,T 882 2qk It's called "To the Cooking Pot!": -18 1i 18 1i,50 -18 50 1i 6i 1i au 1i d4 1i,au 1i d4 0,1i 1i 50 1i,u 1i 1s 1i,4m 1i 50 -18,4c 1i 50 -k,42 1i 50 -a,3o 1i 50 0,3e 1i 50 a,34 1i 50 k,2q 1i 50 u,2g 1i 50 18,d4 u d4 1i,d4 u d4 -26,cq 1i d4 -26,cg 1i d4 -1s,c6 1i d4 -1i,bs 1i d4 -u,bi 1i d4 -k,b8 1i d4 -a,ak 1i d4 a,aa 1i d4 k,a0 1i d4 u,9m 1i d4 18,9c 1i d4 1i,g8 -3o hq -3o hq 1s k0 42,hq 1s hq 42 l8 42,hq 1s j2 1s l8 42,j2 1s j2 42,j2 1s j2 26 jc 26 jc 2g jm 2g jm 2q jm 42,j2 26 hq 26 jm 42,jc 26 jc 42,jc 2g hq 2g jc 42,jm 2q hq 2q j2 42,jm 2q k0 2q k0 34 ka 34 ka 3e ka 42,k0 2q k0 42,k0 34 hq 34 io 42,ka 3e hq 3e ie 42,ka 3e kk 3e kk 3o kk 42,kk 3o hq 3o i4 42,kk 3o ku 3o ku 42 pu 42 114 42 114 0,10q 42 114 0,114 3e 114 34,ua 42 uu 42 114 1s,10g 42 114 a,106 42 114 u,vs 42 114 u,vi 42 114 18,v8 42 114 1i,uk 42 114 26,ua 42 114 2g,u0 42 114 2q,tm 42 114 34,tc 42 114 3e,io 1s ku 42,ie 1s kk 42,i4 1s ka 42,v8 -3e vi -3e,17m a 1m2 a 1ug 9m 2ac 9m 2ac fu 2ee fu 2jo l8 2km ls,2ac 9m 2ee 9m 2ee fu,2ee 9m 2l0 9m 2km ls,17m a 14i a,122 a 148 a,2ng 9m 2km 9m,2ng 9m 2km ls,2ng 9m 2o3 9r 2op 9t 2ph 9u 2qc 9v 2r8 9v 2s2 9s 2so 9q 2tj 9l 2un 9c 2vv 96 31f 8q 32q 8c 347 7s 35n 7c 37a 6r 392 6c 3au 5v 3ct 5n 3eu 5j 3h0 5j 3j3 5o 3l6 60 3nb 6a 3ou 6j 3qi 6u 3s6 7b 3tp 7o 3ve 87 412 8n 42m 99 44a 9t 45u al 47h bm,493 cn 4al do 4c7 eq 4dm ft 4f5 h1,4f4 gs 4f4 qi 4k4 qi 4oq so 4tg so 4tg t2 550 t2,4k4 qi 4k4 r6 4f4 r6 4f4 qi,4ke r6 4og t2 4tg t2,4og t2 4oq so,4ke r6 4jq r6,550 mq 550 so 550 t2,54m t2 550 mq,54c t2 550 n4,542 t2 550 ne,53o t2 550 no,53e t2 550 o2,534 t2 550 oc,52q t2 550 om,52g t2 550 p0,526 t2 550 pa,51s t2 550 pk,51i t2 550 pu,518 t2 550 q8,50u t2 550 qi,50k t2 550 qs,50a t2 550 r6,500 t2 550 rg,4vm t2 550 rq,4vc t2 550 s4,4vc t2 550 se,47a bi 496 cq,58v tr 59q ut 5ap vl 5bp 10c 5cs 10u 5e2 11b 5f8 11e 5ga 117 5hf 10p 5ie 109 5j8 vn 5k3 uv 5km u3 5l5 t4 5lg s4,5lg s4 5lp r5 5m1 q7 5m6 p9 5m4 oe,5l8 o2 5m6 o2,5m6 om 5m6 o2,5mg o2 5so n4 5t2 n4 5t2 oc 5mg pa 5m6 pk,5mg o2 5m6 o2,592 14i 5bi 10q 5cq 156 5em 11o 5gi 156 5i4 11e,5ie 11o 5kk 16e 5mg 10q 5oc 16e,5ie 11o 5i4 11e,592 148 59c 10g 584 14s,592 13u 592 148,592 u0 58l tg 588 t0 57r sd 57e rq 570 r8 56l qm 56b q2 566 pd 55u oq 55q o7#v8 0 v8 18,v8 0 vi 0,v8 0 uu 0,vs 18 vs 0 106 0 106 k vs k,tm 18 tm 0 u0 0,tm k u0 k,ua 0 ua 18 uk 18,uu 18 vi 18,10g 0 10g k,10g u 10g 18,17c a 1m2 a 1ug 9m,2ac 9m 2ee 9m,2ac 9m 2ee 9m,2ac 9m 2ee 9m,17c a 148 a 122 a,180 a 172 a,57q o2 5l8 o2,5o2 q8 5o2 se,5n4 qi 5om q8,5p0 q8 5pa se,5pk q8 5q8 se,5pa rg 5pu rg,5qs pu 5r6 s4 5se rq,5r6 r6 5s4 qs,5qs pu 5se pu,5o2 so 5mq so 5mq v8 5om uu,5pa t2 5pa uk 5q8 uu 5qi t2,5q8 t2 5pa t2,5r6 t2 5r6 v8 5so uu 5se so 5r6 t2,5tm so 5tm uu,5uu so 5tm tm 5uu uu,5vs se 60g uk,5vs uu 61e uk,5v8 se 60q se,62c uk 62c rg 63u uu 63k rg,65q se 64i se 64s v8 664 uk 65q tc 656 u0,5om 12m 5pa vs 5qs 10g 5q8 11o 5p0 11e,5rg 10g 5s4 130 5tm 122 5tc 10g 5r6 10g,5v8 10q 5v8 12m,5ua 10q 60g 114,5no 106 5ls uk,5li 106 5l8 u0,5li u0 5mg u0,57q o2 55k o2 55u oc,15q -5a 148 -5a 148 -42 15g -42 15g -34 148 -34,164 -5a 164 -34 17c -34,180 -5a 180 -34 198 -34 198 -5a 180 -5a,19s -5a 1ag -3e 1b4 -4c 1bo -3e 1cc -5a,1d0 -5a 1d0 -42,1d0 -3o 1d0 -34#T 592 t2,O 5hq 106,O 5i4 106,O 5ie vs,O 5i4 v8,O 5gs 10g,O 5gi 10g,O 5fk 10q,O 5f0 10q,O 5e2 10q,O 5d4 10g,O 5cq 106,O 5c6 vs,O 5bs vi,O 5b8 v8,O 5au uu,O 5aa ua,S 550 no,B 550 no 2q,S 550 no,B 4m -1i e2,B cq -2q cl,B v8 -3o e2,T 2km 92 My BMX auto: 4m 76 e2 76,6s 6i e2 6i,m6 76 4m 76,6s 6i m6 6i,m6 84 m6 8e m6 8o mq 8o mq 8e,o2 aa o2 au p0 au p0 ak,mg fa mg fu n4 fu n4 fa,rq gi so gi,se gi se g8,mq rq mq s4 ne s4 ne rq,m6 ka m6 jm mg jm,o2 164 om 164 om 15q,em 1pg em 1q4,f0 1q4 f0 1pg,3e 1sk 3e 1s0 42 1s0,2q 1g4 4m 1ge,2q 1g4 28 1fu 1n 1fs 15 1fp k 1fk 1 1fi -i 1fh -14 1fg -1n 1fg -29 1fg -2s 1fl -3d 1fv -3r 1gc -47 1gr -4f 1hc -4j 1hs -4q 1ie -4t 1j2,-68 1r2 -68 1rm -5k 1rm,au 2n6 au 2ng bi 2ng bi 2n6,9c 2sq 9c 2te a0 2te a0 2sq,50 31q 5k 316 5u 31q 68 316 6i 31q 6s 316 76 31q 7g 316 84 31q,8o 324 92 340 9m 340,9c 324 9m 340##O 6i 31g,T 6i 2va,B -4c 1i0 5k,B -42 1h2 6f,B -3e 1ge 71,B -2g 1fq 71,G -34 1fq 5k,S f0 1pg,S em 1pg,G d4 1sa b8,B mg 1f6 b8,B ls 1f6 b8,B l8 1f6 b8,B ku 1f6 b8,B kk 1f6 b8,B i4 1f6 b8,B io 1es b8,B jc 1es b8,B k0 1es b8,B ka 1ei b8,G mg k0 5k,G mg tm b8,B p0 s4 71,B rq ls 9r,B oc fa 6f,B oc fa 6f,S oc ak,S oc ak,S oc ak,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B om ak 5k,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B om a0 5k,B om a0 5k,B om aa 5k,B om aa 5k,B -k 2g 2q

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