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I am a nameless person with a name starting with J and I like pi. StormWalker is my sister. <font color="purple"> GHASTLY is a wonderful place to live, if you are dead. This is a cordial invitation to come live in GHASTLY. You lose your puny, carbon based forms, and gain a lovely formless cloud of poisonous gas and acid. Put this on your page if you decide to live in such a lovely place as GHASTLY. <font color="black"> STATUS: <font color="red">OFFLINE. <font color="black"> Except on rare occasions. He annoys me and should be thrown to the jellyfish. IMPORTANT: Contrary to popular belief, I didn't marry R2D. In fact, he's deluded beyond belief from eating too many of his cookies. He's a dangerous idiot, and should be avoided at all costs. <font color="red">I said we're not married. Go away. <font color="black">

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