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I play Sonny2, don't really like Sonny1 anymore. Call me alpha cheese once you fool yourself any more you're an absolute walking and talking lip, and you do NOT want to be a lip.
ZPCI elite-A curfew is under affect! Because ... Umm ... I like monkeys!
ZPCI commander-Hey! I thought you didn't like monkeys.
Here's a great burger I would like you to eat:
Erping burger=$1337 ingredients:I'm charging mah lazer , im firing mah laza and high levels dirt.

~~~~Special Weps in Sonny2~~~~
Runeblade:Cult leader

Sun struck horrors:Cleamons

Shandor's darkstaff:Cleamons

Devil blade:Cleamons(again)


Fury:ZPCI hunt

Poseidon's fury:Tunnel beast(could be
the magical monkey too not sure tho)

Frosted fate:Frost lord


Supremacy:Police colonel

Emerald death:Hydra

Wrath of the council:City council

Unholy runeblade:Baron Brixus (good luck trying to find this)

Death sentance:the mayor(suprised? I'm not)

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