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<p> <font color="#9999ff"><div align="center"><h1> -- -- -------- -- -- -- -- -- -- ------------ -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -------- </h1></div></font> My New PhotoBucket is here <marquee direction="right" scrollamount="20">WOAH, GOING RIGHT xD</marquee> <marquee scrollamount="10">What the heck..?? </marquee> <marquee behavior="alternate">Hmmm Never mind..</marquee> </p> <hr /> <p>The Grandmasters Clan Schmiddy1234(Founder) AngelOfNice NarutoAwesomeness28 ChAx24 Joshua12323 Flutechick747 Myxamatosis RubiksKing Nabbit Jackoo8080 Milk USMC19FatGoatPeople1 Bladesam ninhlun99 TheSuperSaiyan1 WeepingAngel </p> <hr /> <p>Angel Clan: �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�Requirements�-��-��-��-��-��-��-� To join this clan, you need to pass my 3 tests and get a recommendation from at least 3 of our current angels. Then you can create your account. Your username has to start off EXACTLY like this: "AngelOf". The last part of it can be anything you want, for example, if you like bananas, than the username could be "AngelOfBananas". Remember to capitalize the "A" in Angel, "O" in Of, and the first letter of the last word without any spaces. After that, you must add me with both of your accounts, Angel acc and original. You have to add this profile this profile to friends, you can add my angel one if you like, copy what’s on this wall and paste it in your Angel account's wall. And you must comment HERE stating who you are (original account/ person you are who passed the tests). When I have replied to you, and your account(s) or visible on this wall, that means you are officially in the clan. �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�Testing�-��-��-��-��-��-��-� When we test, we ask you to go play on the original EP to prevent cheating. To chat with us, open up another tab/window and get on yck’s EP. So one tab/ window is on the original EP, and the other is on the modified one. You can chat during testing by switching over to yck’s EP tab. Remember, we ask you to go on original EP to prevent any cheating, it’s not like we don’t trust you or anything. This rule does not apply do test #3. There will be an alternate option to chat with us soon. Test #1: Racing; win 6 matches before your tester does. If you are the tester, please try your best to prevent noobs from joining. The person who is being tested is allowed to choose ANY level except the following : Level 1-4, level 7, level 11, level 16-17, level 20-22, level 25, level 30, the credits level, Zipper, and custom levels. These levels either have flow limiting, not a skill level but more of a lag level, boring skill concept, or a course of yours(which is an advantage.) You cannot repeat any levels at all. If you successfully get 6 wins before your tester, then you have passed this test. If not, you are allowed to retry after 2 weeks. Test #2: Tricks; Show the tester 25 tricks within 5 levels. You can only choose John’s levels. Any John’s level, uni or multi to trick on. You cannot repeat any levels at all. What we consider as a trick are: stickies, warping, and spots. Shortcuts or routes are not we consider as tricks. If you fail to show the tester 25 tricks in less than 5 levels, you are allowed to retry after 2 weeks. If you succeed, then you passed this test. Test #3: Time trials; Beat at least one of my levels under 7 minutes. Then beat Skywalker under 2 minutes, and beat Descending without getting a flag under 5 minutes. To have proof, make sure a tester is with you. If you fail a time trial, you can retake that after 2 days. Beat all 3 and you passed this test. *If you cut off and want to resume your testing, go to my profile, state you want to resume and the test progress you have made so far, and what test you are doing. Then I’ll find an available tester or myself that will resume testing you. But we need as much details as possible at where you left off. AND BE HONEST. *If you don’t want to take the test in-order, you can postpone it. Take the tests in any order you like. Just make sure you are testing with the right angels. *If you have any questions, feel free to comment them here or ask me in-game. *If you want to reserve your Angel username, ask us. I will reserve it. And if you want to find out if your requested Angel username is available, ask us too. I will find out. We will take care of any trouble. �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�Positions �-��-��-��-��-��-��-� To be a member, do all that is required above. To be an assistant, comment or notify me of fake angels( angels that are not in our clan) and help out me and our members. To be a moderator, be active, you have to have played EP during 2010, and skilled at EP. Leader position is closed. Member: an official Angel. Assistant: helps out the leader, moderator, and members. Answers questions, helps with testing, and reports fakes and spots violators. Moderator: Gives out warnings, reserves usernames, and tests wanna-be Angels. Leaders: All of the above and in charge of everything. �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�Warnings �-��-��-��-��-��-��-� *If you are lying about your test progress after resuming or lying about receiving recommendations will only get you denial from the Angel clan. Same applies for those already in the angel clan (if you are caught purposely not trying your best to test a wanna- be Angel or either recommending someone without proof of testing, then you'll get a warning.) *Also if you get caught, copying someone's Angel name, you will get banned from the clan! So think twice before doing. *Being a rude person in-game or on AG will get you a warning. *Making up lies or reporting someone who did nothing wrong will get you a warning. *Getting at least two warnings will get you banned from the Angel Clan. *Being a real member in the Ghost or Demon clan will get you denial from this clan. Being a real member in other clans are okay. Being a fake member or a “spy” in the Demon and Ghost clan is alright too. But if we find out you’re lying and you are a real member of them, then you’ll get denial. If you are part of the Ghost or Demon(or both) and Want to be in the Angels, then you can sign out of being a Ghost/Demon or permanently stop using those Accounts and try out for being an Angel. If you fail the tests, you can still use those accs, but when you pass, you must permanently switch over to the Angel account. Current Angels: ●▬▬▬▬▬▬Leaders▬▬▬▬▬▬● ●AngelOfZen (Zenzational) *superstar ●AngelOfTehFangz (TehGoFangz) *superstar ●▬▬▬▬▬▬Moderators/Testers▬▬▬▬▬● ●AngelOfJack (jackoo8080) *superstar ●AngelOfMeditation (Meditabur) *superstar ●AngelOfChoc (CH0COLATE) *superstar ●AngelOfVelocity (DonQuick) *superstar ●AngelOfFast (AngelOfQuick) *superstar ●AngelOfIce (princevladin) *Speed ●FreeAngel *not yet decided ●AngelOfTruth (Guest_Phoenix94305) *superstar ●▬▬▬▬▬▬Assistants▬▬▬▬▬▬● ●AngelOfOreos (WeepingAngel) ●AngelOfNice (a.k.a. Alice in EP) ●AngelOfKillz ●StealthAngel (USMC19FatGoatPeople1) ●▬▬▬▬▬▬Members ▬▬▬▬▬▬● ●AngelOfEpic (Epic779) ●AngelOfDerp (RedHatGuy) ●AngelOfProdigy (Prodigy98) ●AngelOfIdiots (coolaldo) ●AngelOfDeath99 (ninhlun99) ●▬▬▬▬▬▬In-testing ▬▬▬▬▬▬● ●Toxicz ●Bladesam ●Myxamatosis ●▬▬▬▬▬▬Fakes ▬▬▬▬▬▬● ●AngelOfMastication (AfersWoW) ●AngelOfPhoenix ●AngelOfTheForest ●AngelOfElectric (EveryDayImShufflin69) *Currently wanting to recruit old past 2010 Angels, so they have no tests to pass. Past Angels must contact me though if they want to be back in. *Currently wanting to recruit old past 2010 Angels, so they have no tests to pass. Past Angels must contact me though if they want to be back in. �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�Acknowledgements �-��-��-��-��-��-��-� Thank you Zenzational for forming the Angel clan. Thank you AngelOfTehFangz for helping me form the clan, chat, recruiting, and some other stuf. ;D Thank you yck1509 for saving my boredom of Exit Path. Thank you John for making the great game, Exit Path. Thank you KrissKhan for making a forum for posting our levels. Thank you NonTropp0, serville64, Faithpath, ClaudioDeusEst, GhostOfPain, dragon144, NeverForgetMe, and some other people for making EP a challenging fun game. Thank you Armor Games for letting me write on this wall. Thank you all of our angel members for being part of my clan. Without you guys, I would be lonely. �-��-��-��-��-��-��-�AngelsChat�-��-��-��-��-��-��-� Well Anyways Here it goes this is where any kind of members/Staffs/Leaders will be at. Hope you enjoy your stay </p> <hr /> <p> My UNIrekord is around 1:30 sec. If you wanna see the secret, then click this link Best wishes Alice </p>

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