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I'M VERY WEIRD AND HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS.......sorry about caps lol anyway on the last castle my friends syd ekill madishi batcacke and more all like to mess aruond and use *********************** example *falls out of sky*. Hello angry here again and i wrote the stuff before for what im writing now about a year ago havent been on in ages because i have a new addicting i pod touch that i use alot but ill be on a bit more often so please leave comments and ill write back Hi ever tried playing.... ....... .. . .. .The Idiot Test? Well you should because if you lose your dumber than a 9 yr old (me). You know what lvl i am in laast castle? Well TOO BAD find out for yourself. Wanna learn math? OK 1+1=6788869877325372543762345763457324. WARNING THE FOLLOWING USER ANGRYWARIOR38 HAS SET A BAD EXAMPLE FOR KIDS. *gets away QUICK*. Police catch him and tell him the real answer......"Sir uhhhh Mr. angrywarior38"........"uhhhh yesssss" The answer is 56843765486457834578353467853. Meanwhile dav123 is shopping. Lalalaaaaaaaaaalalalalalalalaa.... SIR your under arrest for being friends with angrywarior38 because hes a bad example for kids whaaaaaaaa Just then sydneyisawesome comes and says "I just like saw this bat....... Eating cake like omg lol" THE END didn't like the ending? Well then go check out these cool links and sydney is pretty awesome but i haven't seen her in a while but anyways she is very funny and nice so plz check her out Bad news syd left. I think. People I'm back and hopefully ill stay haven't seen my friends in a while though.

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