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Hi everyone! I'm anime_lover16. Here's some info about me:
~I love anime (judging from my username, you probably know that by now)
~I make fanfics
~I'm an RPG gamer (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts )
~Music is my life! Along with anime and food
~I can draw. But only anime style T^T (and I'm only good at drawing female T_T)
~I'm veeery lazy.....coz I spend most of my free time from school either being a fangirl on an anime boy OR playing games. (don't tell my mom~)
~Loves to talk online X3 (I'm veeeeery shy in person.)
~Nice to everyone. But when we're'll just start wondering if my nice exterior is just an act to my 'unique' personality XD
~Has a lot of things going through her head right now. Anime, anime, anime, anime.....

And there's still more to come. You'll never know! And I wanna be friends with people, so don't hesitate. I'm just too shy to add friends X3

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