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Don't feel like scrolling? It's ok. I get it.

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Yes, I know my hair is on fire. Don't TOUCH.....oh wait, DO touch it.

Hello everyone. My name (at least, on AG) is apldeap123, or you can call me Alpy. Feel free to ask me any questions about ANYTHING!

I also speak three languages: English, Tagalog, and Spanish.


   \\\\\\\\\\                      //////////   
        \ \    ____^____  / /
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About Me

I have been playing on Armor Games for a while now, but I haven't officially signed up as a member since December 2013, so I am a relatively new member.  I play a LOT of games on AG, but I play Crush the Castle series  more often than any other!


What I Do On AG

  I hang out with my AG Bro and my bestie, check on my thread and update my RPG from time to time, and greet the newcomers and to WARN them from eating the cookies! Please! DON"T EAT THE COOKIES! I've been there. Don't. Eat. The. Cookies!

PS: Omegap12 is my brother. If you mess with him, you are messing with me! Same goes with MattEmAngel. If you mess with him, prepare to be turned into ashes!



(I'll update this as time goes on.)

50 Forum Posts: 6/2/14

100 Forum Posts: 6/14/14-(Thread: Sports)

500 Forum Posts: ???

1,000 Forum Posts: ???

Received First Merit: 8/10/14
Reason: Count to 100

Became Knight: ???

Became Mod: ???


More Stuff About Me:


        Burgers! (Barbecue, anyone?

        Armor Games (The reason I signed up here in the first place)

        Fast cars (Don't we all?)


      Trolls (Please. Just. Don't.)

      Haters (Same thing for them too)

      Sore eyes (This I get after going on the computer for too long  (*_*) )


The Last Stand: Dead Zone (TLS: DZ) Bio:
In-Game Name: Joseph_Abrams
Level: 22
Alliance I am currently in: bear claw republic (rcb)
Aim:  We are in a war, but I am currently in *Enlisting* mode.
Recruiting:  Ask me, and I'll connect you to one of my superiors.  :)

You might be able to find me on DZ0 or on Trade. :)

EDIT: The above information is void. It no longer applies to me! I do NOT play TLS:DZ anymore.

  In the community, I am usually in the Forum Games, the Tavern, and the Newcomers Forum.[/font][/color][/size]

   I am starting a clan. It's called

Hotel AG

    Mission Statement of Hotel AG

To provide the best experience possible for our permanent (wait, I said permanent, right?) guests here at Hotel AG.


        To Become the Best Clan on Armor Games: n/a


Requirements to Join The Staff of Hotel AG

One must have joined Armor Games on or before January 1, 2014. rank will be decided by me and/or the Vice President.

Chain of Command for Hotel AG

CEO= apldeap123

Vice President=


General Manager=


Head Ambassador=

The above ranks are part of the Head Management.

Executive Board Members

Press Secretary= JACKinbigletters

Security Administrator=

Head Recruitment Officer=nivlac724

Head Ambassador=


The Departments


Justice Department

Security Department

Both the Justice Dept. and the Security Dept. are headed by the Security Administrator.


Recruitment Department

The Recruitment Dept. is headed by the Head Recruitment Officer.


Embassy Department

The Embassy Dept. is headed by the Head Ambassador.


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