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There used to be something here on top of my bio called the AGUA system. That has since been removed.

About Me

I'm apldeap123, or if you prefer, Apple or Alpy. I am the AG community's unofficial defense attorney. Rates start at $500 and up. Monday-Friday only. Feel free to leave a comment here.

Now, some more about me:

I speak three languages:

  • Tagalog (Cause I'm Pinoy and proud of it)
  • English (My second language)
  • Spanish (I take a class at school)


Omegap12 is my brother, and SirLegendary and Voyage2 are my friends. If you mess with any of them, you shall regret it.



  • 50 Forum Posts: 6/2/14
  • 100 Forum Posts: 6/14/14-(Thread: Sports)
  • 200 Forum Posts: 9/18/14-(Thread: Count to 100, p. 1454)
  • 500 Forum Posts: 10/14/14-(Thread: Count to 100, p. 1966)
  • 1,000 Forum Posts: 1/16/15-(Thread: When You Read A Users Post, What Voice Comes to Mind?
  • First Merit: 8/10/14
Reason: Count to 100

Second Merit: 10/15/14Reason: THE GREAT DEBATES! (Round 3)


If I have not logged on in a day or so, it is because I am busy with school.
If I have not logged on in a week, I must be on vacation.
If I have not logged on in 123 days, consider me to be dead.

In the event of my sudden disappearance or death or account deletion:

  • Omegap12 inherits my clan, Hotel_AG.
  • JACKinbigletters receives full control of my RPG and my numerous threads in the WEPR.
  • MattEmAngel MUST BE made a moderator.
  • A 'RIP, apldeap123' thread is made in my honor.

If my wishes are not honored, I shall come back from the deleted and shall haunt Armor Games FOREVER!

Some of My Links

Legendary Clan
Hotel Armor Games

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