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No one is above the law.
All must remember this.

Hello, I am Apple. I'm the community's official defense attorney. I protect the accused and will fight for their innocence, even if it means death. I am available from Monday to Friday, and occasionally on weekends. Questions? Feel free to leave a comment here. You can most likely find me in the Tavern and in the Forum Games section of the community.

All jokes aside, how about some more about me?

I am Pinoy teen living in the US. I'm currently in high school. After school, I like to code (HTML5 and CSS3, still an amateur), play some basketball, and of course, go on Armor Games.

Oh, I also speak three languages.

  • Tagalog (It's kind of a given for me)
  • English (It's really my second language)
  • Spanish (Some basic conversational skills)



If I Leave:

  • Omegap12 inherits my clan, Hotel_AG.
  • JACKinbigletters receives full control of my RPG and my numerous threads in the WEPR.
  • [REDACTED] Sorry, Matt. You're on your own now.
  • A 'RIP, apldeap123' thread is made in my honor.

We are Legendary
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