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I am a unicorn
You are a potato >
And this is the biography of life of being a unicorn.

Chapter 1. I finally found my tail! It has been behind me this whole time.

Chapter 2. Oh no! I lost my tail again... Oh nevermind there it is.

Chapter 3. My best friend has unfortunately lost her tail. But this time for real. We are retracing our steps to find it.

Chapter 4. BLAHH

Chapter 5. This is the shortest chapter ever. Just kidding. Chapter 4. is

Chapter 6. If you are still reading this you have just been upgraded to a carrot! >

Chapter 7. We found my best friends tail. Turns out it was on her face the whole entire time!

Chapter 8. chapter 9. is going to be the next shortest chapter!

Chapter 9.

Chapter 10. Im getting tired typing with my hooves so I will type with my horn.

Chapter 11. This is the end of my diary entry because tomorrow is a special day! First I have to find my tail and I am all set


Hope you liked the diary entries I made up!

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