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I Am A Gamer And Love To Hang Out WIth Friends I Also Love Paintballing Any Thing Else You Wanna Know Just Ask Ok? I Have A MySpace So Please Check It Out It Is TJ Also Add My Runescape (Avatarktas) Some Of My Favorite Bands Are AC/DC, Wolfmother, Scropians, Guns N Roses Linkon Park, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valintine, Trapt I Will List More When They Come To Me I Am Also A Proud Member Of The Music Rockers Club
My Paintball Gear:
A Tippmann 98 Custom W/ A W.A.S E-Qrip And Cyclone Hopper (Possible Bps Is 60Bps)
A Spyder MR-2
A A VL Triton
And A Tippmann Alpha Black
2 Vests
2 CO2 Hoses
3 JT Masks
Future Gear:
A Gillhe Suit
And 1 Cyclone Hopper
More Coming Soon
My Gear:
Fender Strat
A First Act
My Future Gear:
59 Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Sg (Like The One Angus Young Plays)
A Red And Black Warlock
A Rezorback Ephiphone
I Am Also Starting A Band All We Need Is A Drummer (I Think I Am Getting So Many Changes)
I Am Bound To Head Into The Army
I Also Like This Quote That I Wrote
"If You Cant Stand Behind Our Troops Feel Free To Stand In Front Of Them"
For our soldiers overseas...

"For All The Free People That Still Protest, Your Welcome

We Protect You And You Are Protected By The Best

Your Voice Is Strong And Loud, But Who Will Fight For You?

No One Standing In Your Crowd

We Are Your Fathers, Brothers, And Sons

We May Not Be Able To Save The World But, Atleast We Try

We Walked The Paths To Where We Are At

And We Want No Other Choice Than That

So When You Rally Your Group To Complain..

Take A Look In The Back Of Your Brain

In Order For That Flag You Love To Fly

Wars Must Be Fought And Young Men Must Die

We Came Here To Fight For Those Ones We Hold Dear

If Thats Not Respected Than We Would Rather Stay Here

So Please Stop Yelling And Put Down Your Signs

And Pray For Those Behind Enemy Lines

When The Conflict Is Over And All Is Well..

Be Thankful We Chose To Go Threw Hell".

-Originally Posted By Fyrefox
-Hounered By Assassinecreed
5 Truths About Life
1) You cannot touch all of your teeth with your tongue.

2) All idiots, after reading the first truth, try it.

3) The first truth is a lie.

4) You're smiling now cause you are a idiot.

5) All idiotic people now look at the fifth truth.

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