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  • AIM: to like Halo
  • MSN: Not telling you!!!!
  • Yahoo: HEYY
  • XBOX Live: Just ask and i will tell you
  • Wii: NOOOO!!
  • PSN: Sorry but no
  • SteamID: I dont know what to say to this.....


Recent News:Just got COD Black Ops 2!!Pretty awesome and LOVE Nuketown 2025!!Hey there!first of all im a gril!!!ahaha andyway im pretty first. I play SSL2 A LOT!I live in CO if you know what it stands for. I'm in love with music. Suprisingly im starting to like JB!Its a secret and its not a good one!!Help!My favorite color is purple.Purple urple! I have black hair and brown eyes. And umm i guess thats it This is one of my favorite songs and band

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