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  • Member since: 6/8/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: no; i want to
  • MSN: no
  • Yahoo: yes
  • XBOX Live: yes:add88
  • Wii: yes
  • PSN: no
  • SteamID: what is that


things i like:
i love xbox 360 but it is broken i love tennise and boxing.
my profile rules:
1. no spaming or report not put bad stuff on my profile

3.leave me alone when i ask

those are my only rules

Game suggestions:
if there is a game that u think is fun put the name of the game in a comment and say that i should try it out.
things i do (this is different then things i like to do):

1:go to school

2:wake up early

3:do my homework

4:do my chores

5lay games

i hate most of this
things i would like to know:

1: how would i make a game for armor games?

2:what website shows all the ranks of armor-games and what it takes to get to each rank?

3:what is your favorite game on armor-games?

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