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  • Wii: hehe but still no
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i have been working on a project for a few days here is the start.. its not finished

-18 1i 18 1i 18 1s 18 1i 1i 1s 1i 26 18 1s 1i 1s 5a 2q 7g 2q 84 ak,18 1i 5a 2g 7g 2g 7g ak em ak,5a 2g 6i 2g,-18 1i -18 1s 18 1s,1i 26 -u 26 -18 1s,-u 26 -u 1i -a 26 -a 1i a 26 a 1i u 26 u 1i 1i 26,-18 1i -k 26 -k 1i 0 26 0 1i k 26 k 1i 18 26 18 1i,5a 2g 5a 34 1i 26,5a 34 5k 2g,7g 2g 7q ak,7g 2g 7g 34 5a 34,5k 34 5u 2g,5u 34 68 2g,68 34 6i 2g,6i 34 6s 2g,76 2g 6s 34,7g 2g 76 34,7g ak f0 ak ls ak,7g 3e 8e ak,7g 42 8o ak,7g 4c 92 ak,7g 4m 9c ak,7g 50 9m ak,7g 5a a0 ak,7g 5k aa ak,7g 5u ak ak,7g 68 au ak,7g 6i b8 ak,7g 6s bi ak,7g 76 bs ak,7g 7g c6 ak,7g 7q cg ak,7g 84 cq ak,7g 8e d4 ak,7g 8o de ak,7g 92 do ak,7g 9c e2 ak,7g 9m ec ak,7g a0 em ak,7g aa f0 ak,li ak n4 ak pk 8o r6 ak,n4 ak tc ak 10p aj,mg ak pk 8o qs ak,pk 8o t2 ak,pk 8o mq ak,pk 8o so ak,pk 8o ne ak,no ak pk 8o qi ak,pk 8o se ak,pk 8o o2 ak,oc ak pk 8o q8 ak,pk 8o s4 ak,pk 8o om ak,p0 ak pk 8o pu ak,pk 8o rq ak,pk 8o pa ak,pk ak pk 8o rg ak,oh 9c pk 92 qt 9e,10q ak 13k ak,13k aj 155 8p 13g aj,154 8r 13c ak,150 8v 138 aj,14s 93 133 ak,14s 95 12t ak,14o 9a 12q aj,14i 9e 12l am,14h 9h 12i ak,14d 9l 12f aj,14c 9o 12b ai,148 9t 121 aj,143 a3 11p ak,140 a8 11g ak,13r ad 116 ak,13m aj 107 aj,s3 a2 t2 ak,s7 a6 tb ak,sj ac ts am,sr af u3 al,n6 a7 m6 al,mv aa m1 aj,mq af lm ak,mh ai l9 ai,15n 8r 16l ah 16n ak,16o ak 198 ak,15m 8r 16q ak,15q 8u 16r aj,15r 93 170 al,15u 97 175 al,160 9b 17a al,162 9h 17e al,166 9n 17i al,167 9p 17n am,169 9u 17t al,16e a3 183 al,16b a2 16e a5,16g a7 18e al,16g aa 18k ak,16k ad 190 al,16j ag 194 aj,191 ak 1h5 al,1h2 ak 1nk ak 1nk 68 1qe 68,1nk 68 1na ak,1nk 6i 1n0 ak,1nk 6s 1mm ak,1nk 76 1mc ak,1nk 7g 1m2 ak,1nk 7q 1lo ak,1nk 84 1le ak,1nk 8e 1l4 ak,1nk 8o 1kq ak,1nk 9c 1k6 ak,1nk 92 1kg ak,1nk 9m 1js ak,1nk 9m 1nk a0 1ji ak,1nk aa 1j8 ak,1nk 3e 1nk a 1js a,1nk 3e 1na a,1nk 34 1n0 a,1nk 2q 1mm a,1nk 2g 1mc a,1nk 26 1m2 a,1nk 1s 1lo a,1nk 1i 1le a,1nk 18 1l4 a,1nk u 1kq a,1nk k 1kg a 1i0 a 1i0 3e 1i0 5a 1i0 5u 1kg 5u 1kq 5u,1i0 3e 1ia 5u,1i0 3e 1ia k,1i0 34 1i0 2q 1iu a,1i0 3e 1ia a,1i0 34 1ik a,1i0 26 1j8 a,1i0 2g 1j8 a,1i0 1s 1ji a,1i0 1i 1js a,1i0 18 1k6 a,1i0 u 1kg a,1i0 k 1kq a,1i0 5a 1k6 5u,1i0 3o 1ik 5u,1i0 42 1iu 5u,1i0 4c 1j8 5u,1i0 4m 1ji 5u,1i0 50 1js 5u,1i0 5k 1kg 5u,1q4 68 1t8 68,1su 68 236 68 2a2 68 2n6 68 2ri 2q 2te 68,17c 6i 198 4m 172 2g 18u 50,172 2g 16e 1s 156 u 17m 34 18a 5k,156 u 11o 4c 13k 6i 122 42,17c 2q 18k 5a,180 3e 180 5u,18a 3o 17m 68,18k 42 17c 6i,18u 4c 172 6s 17m 6i,13a 68 12c 3o,130 5u 12m 3e,12m 5k 130 34,12c 5a 13a 2q,122 4m 13k 2g 15g 18,12c 50 13a 2q,13u 26 15q 1i,148 1s 164 1s,14i 1i 16o 26,14s 18 172 2g,15g 8o 17c ak,15q 8o 15q 92,2va 68 2n6 68,2ri 2q 2r8 34,2ri 2q 2ng 68,2ri 34 2ri 2q 2u2 68,2ri 2q 2nq 68,2ri 2q 2o4 68,2ri 2q 2oe 68,2ri 2q 2oo 68,2ri 2q 2p2 68,2ri 34 2ri 2q 2um 68,2ri 34 2ri 2q 2va 68 30s 68 31g 68,2ri 2q 2pc 68 2pm 68 2ri 2q 2ri 68,2ri 2q 2q0 68,2qa 68 2ri 2q 2rs 68,2sq 68 2sg 68 2ri 34 2qk 68,2ri 2q 2qu 68,2ri 2q 2r8 68,2v0 68 2ri 2q,2uc 68 2ri 2q,2to 68 2ri 2q,2t4 68 2ri 2q,2sq 68 2ri 2q,2s6 68 2ri 2q,2m8 68 2ng 5u,2v0 5u 30i 68,316 68 3co 68,3ce 68 3ps 68,2vk k 390 k 3bg k 3bg -2g 3bg -5u 37e -5u 3bg -5k,2ba a 2ba -2g 2c8 k,2ba -2g 2ba -5a 2e4 -5u,3bg -2g 3b6 k,3bg -26 3as k,3bg -1s 3ai k,3bg -1i 3a8 k,3bg -18 39u k,3bg -u 39k k,3bg -k 39a k,3bg -a 390 k,3bg 0 38m k,3bg a 38c k,3bg -2g 3bg -26,37o -5u 3bg -5a,382 -5u 3bg -50,38c -5u 3bg -4m,38m -5u 3bg -4c,38m -5u 390 -5u 3bg -42,39a -5u 3bg -3o,39k -5u 3bg -3e,39u -5u 3bg -34,3a8 -5u 3bg -2q,3ai -5u 3bg -2g,3as -5u 3bg -26,3b6 -5u 3bg -1s,37o -5u 2ba -5u 2ba -3e 2c8 -5u,2ba 0 2ba k 2nq k,2ba -2q 2bk k,2ba -2g 2bu k,2ba -26 2ci k,2ba -1s 2cs k,2ba -1i 2d6 k,2ba -18 2dg k,2ba -u 2dq k,2ba -k 2e4 k,2ba -a 2ee k,2ba 0 2eo k,2ba a 2f2 k,2ba -2q 2bk -5u,2ba -34 2bu -5u,2ba -3o 2ci -5u,2ba -42 2cs -5u,2ba -4c 2d6 -5u,2ba -4m 2dg -5u,2ba -50 2dq -5u,2ba -5k 2ee -5u#3b6 -5a 3bg -5a 3bg -26#B 2o4 50 1d,G 2e4 -5u 5k,G 374 -5k b8,B 26k 5u b8,B 26a 5u b8,B 260 5u b8,B 25m 5u b8,B 25m 68 5k,B 25c 5u b8,B 25c 5u 5k,B 252 5u b8,B 24o 5u b8,B 24e 5u b8,B 244 5u b8,B 23q 5u b8,B 23g 5u b8,B 236 5u b8,B 22s 5u b8,B 22i 5u b8,B 228 5u b8,B 21u 5u b8,B 21k 5u b8,B 21a 5u b8,B 210 5u b8,B 210 68 b8,B 20m 5u b8,B 20c 5u b8,B 20c 5u 5k,B 202 5u b8,B 1vo 5u b8,B 1v4 5u b8,B 1uq 5u b8,B 1ve 5u b8,B 1ug 5u b8,B 1hm aa e2,G 1kg 5k e2,G 1rc 42 gs,G 1sa 50 gs,G 1t8 42 gs,G 1rc 5u gs,G 1t8 5u gs

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